Your FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercise

Most people think that the LEVEL 4 double KB training is built off the Swing, just like the single KB exercises.

That’s not the case.

Why not?


With single KB work you can rely on a deep hinge and rely on your posterior chain.

With double KB work, you need a wider base of support, which means you need to stay more upright.

And that means you need more of your quads (the muscles on the front of your legs) to lift the load.

So they need to be stronger.

That’s why we use the Double KB Front Squat.

Let’s call it the “DFSQ” for short.

A lot of people skip the DFSQ and go straight to the Clean + Press.

This can work for some.

But learning how to perform a proper DFSQ…

… fine tuning it…

And then spending some time working it, makes your C+P almost instantly stronger for two simple reasons:

<img decoding=” />  The DFSQ teaches you how to stay tight

And it’s something very few can learn without the DFSQ.

<img decoding=” />  The DFSQ makes your whole body stronger

Which is its own benefit.

In fact, there are (at least) 5 mistakes most people make with the DFSQ that rob them of their strength.

Here’s one I’ve had to correct every person I’ve ever coached on, that you can fix on yourself today:

Sit DOWN between your legs, NOT back.

The more you reach your butt back like a powerlifter, the more your torso will tip forward. 

And the more your torso tips forward, the tougher time you’ll have keeping the KBs in the rack. 

And as a result, you can strain your lower back or injure your shoulders fighting to keep the KBs from falling out of the rack.

Like I said, there are 4 other major mistakes.

And once you correct them, you’ll feel instantly stronger.

I’ve put them all together, along with the cues you’ll need to add in DFSQs safely, and effectively, on pages 15 through 19 inside the Kettlebell STRONG! Training Manual. 

All the technique cues are also found inside the Kettlebell STRONG! Digital Video Library.

It also comes with two different training programs – 

The nearly legendary “Strong!” program and the “One” program.

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Stay Strong,


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