Why Start?

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about getting started with double kettlebells training.

I suggested you start with the Front Squat to master the rack position, because with doubles, more so than singles, almost everything ends up in the rack. So it just makes good sense for you to spend a lot of time in that position, learning to feel comfortable under fatigue.

I had a response about my recommendations of not going over 5 reps on the Front Squat – ever – that I wanted to address before moving on. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you go over 5 reps. But the general rule of thumb for novice lifters (hey, if you haven’t done it – you’re a novice) is to manage fatigue. Five reps or less is a good rule of thumb here. Hey, Donnie Thompson, World Superheavyweight Powerlifting Champ, only does 3×8 with 2x48kg, and by his own admittance – “that’s enough.” So, there’s some good food for thought there…

Back to some reasons to consider using double kettlebells.

  1. WARNING: Shameless Plug coming – Because Pavel just put out a new book, Return of the Kettlebell, and it makes for the “same but different” training. (Plus, rumor has it, another book on double kettlebell training is coming out sometime soon…)
  2. Faster Results: Double the bells, double the results. Well for some people, almost. And for others, triple the results. Some of my friends have made monstrous gains in strength, lean body mass, and conditioning levels switching to a “doubles-only” program. (More on that program some other time…)
  3. More Time Efficient: This gets back to #2 or at least ties into it. It takes literally half the time to perform a Double Clean and Press than a set of Single Clean and Presses. And, you can virtually increase the load by 50% or more. Think about that. You can perform the “Rite of Passage” with a 32kg. But you can use 2x24kg (48kg total) for the RTK program. That’s 50% more loading to your body in almost half the time…
  4. Reveal Hidden Restrictions: Now this may be one you hadn’t thought of, but if you really want to see what your body needs, versus what you want, load it up with doubles. You’ll find your weaknesses real quick.

So there are four legitimate reasons to switch it up and use double kettlebells in your training – Same But Different, Faster Results, More Time Efficient, Reveal Hidden Restrictions. There are of course more reasons, but I think that’s a good start.

Those are at least four of the reasons I use double kettlebells. Plus, to me, they’re fun. They remind me in a way of Olympic lifting – only weirdly more difficult, yet easier. I know that makes no sense at all, but let’s just put it this way, I’m not going to be doing 10 reps on a barbell Clean and Jerk…

In my next post I’ll get back to exercises and the learning process – specifically, what exercise I think you should learn next in the sequence. (Yes, I have a specific sequence that I usually teach doubles work in. I just spent a day with RKC Team Leader Franz Snideman teaching a full day workshop in La Jolla, CA last month… )

That reminds me, if you’re and RKC and want to accelerate your learning curve with doubles, I’m teaching a half-day workshop in the Washington DC area on Saturday, November 7th. Go HERE for more info.

“Geoff’s teaching of the Jerks is so profound, yet so simple. He worked with Yoana and myself and was able to clear up a lot of problems within the first 5 minutes…” Franz Snideman, RKCTL

And if you’re not ready for double bells, but want to tighten up and refine your single bell work, I’m teaching another workshop the same day. Go HERE for more information.

“Geoff was one of my instructors at my RKC. He is very professional, as well as approachable. His extensive knowledge and experience has provided him with an amazing ability to breakdown technique and give you the tools to improve immediately. He personalizes his instruction and provides information to take your training to the next level. He definitely was instrumental in my RKC weekend!

If you have the opportunity to work with Geoff…don’t miss it!” Sara Juve, Decorah, IA

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