“Why aren’t my Kettlebell workouts working better?” (3 reasons)

“Why aren’t my Kettlebell workouts working better?” (3 reasons)

When I was a young buck (how it pains me to write that – it seems like just yesterday), I worked out / trained in the college gym, which was more like a dungeon.

That’s because it was in the basement, and it used to be the old indoor rifle range where the Rutgers Rifle Team practiced. (Ironically, I discovered during my senior year researching my thesis, that my Dad was on that team, and probably spent some time in the same room.)

Our workouts, like the rifles my Dad practiced with, were simple, yet highly effective.

They seemed to be passed down from bigger, stronger lifters, or through obscure magazines found in the classifieds of other magazines – Powerlifting, USA, for example.

In other words, “input” and “influence” was limited.

It seems we had a “trial by fire” approach to everything back then in the pre-internet era.

If a philosophy worked, we kept it.

If it didn’t, we chucked it.

This process usually took between 3 and 6 weeks. Sometimes as long as 12.

I don’t think this process exists anymore.

And that’s because: 

REASON #1 – We have the internet 

… Where you can “google” anything.

We have social media and forums, where you can “ask anyone” and usually get an answer, or “the answer we want.”

This sounds great.

The problem is in many cases, there are too many answers. 

And we can’t “weigh” them all equally.

For example, a guy who’s been working out for 1 year, has a very different perspective than someone who’s been training 10.

And many times, you won’t know the first from the second.

Not to mention some people follow directions well and others don’t.

At the end of the day, there’s too many opinions, and too much information to sort and sift through.

And because of that, for some, that breeds doubt, confusion, and even some low grade anxiety as to whether you’re doing the “right” workout for you, or whether you’re missing out on something better.

That’s one reason.

REASON #2 – Compliance.

Some people’s adherence to workout programs is like that joke:

“Hey, I have a shirt just like that, except it’s blue.”

They read the program instructions the way they want to see them.

“3 reps? Why “only” 3 reps? I like 10 reps, so I’m gonna do sets of 10.”

“Front squats? Ugh. I hate those. I’m gonna do [ INSERT SOME LESSER EXERCISE HERE ].”

“Talk test? That’s lame. I’m gonna use EMOM because Jason Khalipa uses them.”

“My shoulder’s killing me. But I’m gonna tough it out anyway. No pain, no gain.”

Now I’m not saying this is you, but if you’re not doing the program as written, then you’re not doing “The Program.”

And as a result, you’ve changed the program, and can no longer accurately assess whether it’s working / worked for you.

REASON #3 – The Program Is Just Garbage

There are some genetic freaks on the internet.

And because they’re freaks, anything they do will get them results.

The problem is:

[1]  We’re not freaks

[2]  Some of those freaks pimp kettlebell workouts

[SIDE NOTE: There are also a growing number of steroid users shilling workout programs on the internet. Steroids change the game – meaning you can do more work and recover faster. So if you’re not using them, be careful of these guys.]

So, make sure the program you’re using:

[a]  Truly matches your goals – wants and limitations

[b]  Is grounded in reality

[c]  Is from a reputable source

Hopefully you found this helpful.

If you have any questions about programming, kettlebell or otherwise, feel free to hit “reply” and I’ll get back to you in the next 48-72 hours (still digging out the inbox from the holiday weekend).

Stay Strong,


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