What’s MORE Important: Being STRONG or being LEAN?

What’s MORE Important: Being STRONG or being LEAN?

Strength coach Mark Rippetoe says, “Stronger people are harder to kill.”

StrongFirst says, “Be anything you want to be, but be strong first.”

And yet our society is OBSESSED with “weight loss.”

I’ve written recently about the importance of getting rid of stomach fat for health and staving off death.

I’ve even written over the last 6 months or so about getting rid of that stomach fat as fast as possible simply because it is so detrimental to your health, AND…

It inhibits your ability to get stronger.

Yet I’m known as the “double kettlebell strength guy.”

So what’s the deal?

Should YOU pick a side?

Do you HAVE TO pick a side?

Even though our modern world is hell-bent on “this vs. that”… “Us vs. Them”…

I say NO, you don’t HAVE to.

You can subtly (or not) BIAS your training to one side or the other, IF you know how to program correctly.

In fact, back in 2010, I put out the first “strength-based fat loss program” – Kettlebell Burn

Which got people A LOT stronger, while stripping off body fat. (Many even used it for the RKC kettlebell certification prep and crushed their certs.)

And if you “dial in” your nutrition?

Well, that’s the “magic” right there:

Maximum Strength Training + Supportive Nutrition.

Case in point – got this email from Verrico about his experience using a “pure strength” program – ‘THE GIANT 3.0’ and cleaning up his nutrition:

As you can see, even though he lost 5.5lbs of scale weight and 1.5 inches from his waist…

He turned his old 5RM into a brand spanking new 10RM in just 4 weeks.

So, look, you DON’T HAVE TO CHOOSE.

You can be STRONG and LEAN.

And more importantly, you CAN focus on both at the same time, if you know what you’re doing. 


You just have to know how to do it.

Hope this helps.

Stay Strong,


P.S. One of the reasons Kettlebell Burn 2.0 worked so well for people was not JUST the programming, but it gave them an adjustable and customizable nutrition template that freed them from the “tyranny of dieting.” 

Some other resources for you to get stronger and leaner:

‘THE GIANT’ https://salutis.kartra.com/page/oWP219 

  • 5x Classic strength & conditioning programs using the Clean + Press
  • Each program 4 weeks long

‘THE GIANT X’ https://salutis.kartra.com/page/giant-x 

  • 3x strength & conditioning programs using the Clean + Press and Press variations and more loading variety
  • Each program is 8 weeks long

Kettlebell GHFL https://go.chasingstrength.com/kettlebell-ghfl-4/ 

  • 3x ballistics-based fat loss programs that incidentally make you more conditioned and stronger
  • Each program is 12 weeks long

Kettlebell MAXIMORUM https://go.chasingstrength.com/kettlebell-maximorum-e/ 

  • 12-week “Ultimate” KB program
  • Uses Double Clean + Press, Double Front Squat, Single Snatch
  • 3x Nutrition plans included

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