Want Faster Kettlebell Results? Your Hands May Hold The Answer…

I know, nice pun. Thought that one up on the spot. 🙂

Today I thought I’d do something I haven’t done before, but hope to do again in the future –

Have a highly qualified expert do a guest post on a topic I feel strongly about but am anything but an expert on.

To that end, my friend and fellow RKC, Jedd Johnson, from the Diesel Crew, put together a great article.

Just so you know, Jedd’s not just another guy who’s into hand strength. Here’s why you should listen to Jedd –

  • Jedd is a Grip Competitor and is also well known for the Nail Bending that he does.
  • In fact, Jedd was certified for bending the IronMind Red Nail which is a very hard piece of steel rod from the IronMind company in 2007. It takes roughly 500-lbs of pressure to bend it.
  • Jedd is the 2010 World Champion in the Two-Hand Pinch Lift hoisting 262lbs with just his fingertips! Now that’s STRONG!
  • Jedd has been bending since 2003 and has helped many aspiring benders get startedsafely, reaching hundreds of people with his instructional videos, articles and famous Nail Bending eBook.

I’m going to run it in a series because there’s a lot of meat in it and should, like a great steak and a nice glass of Cabernet, savored and digested slowly.

So here’s the first part –

The Top 5 Ways to Improve Hand Strength for Faster Kettlebell Results

Kettlebell training is a form of training that involves almost the entire body.  From the feet to the shoulders, you must be stable and strong in order to execute all of the various exercises safely.

One aspect of kettlebell training that practitioners sometimes have a hard time with is their Grip strength.

For many, Grip strength is a forgotten element of their training that they do not think of addressing until they realize how much of a hard time they are having holding onto the kettlebell in their longer duration sets.

To understand why kettlebell training is such a challenge for us, we have to look at the activity itself.  Kettlebell training involves a great deal of speed and momentum.

Lifting the kettlebell isn’t the issue. We’re all strong enough to do that…

Kettlebell endurance work, like Snatch Tests and Kettlebell Sport, require more than just supporting the handle of the kettlebell in our grasp.  It is much more dynamic.  We need to train our hands to be ready for this kind of exposure to the kettlebell elements.

Here are 5 ways to train your grip to be ready for the dynamic demands of kettlebell endurance training.

1.  Hand to Hand Thick Dumbbell Tosses

Thick Dumbbell Tosses mimic the dynamic nature of the kettlebell snatch while also increasing the handle size, stressing the fingers and thumbs more.  You can use a shot-loadable dumbbell or a plate loadable dumbbell.  Men should make sure the handle is at least two inches thick or more in order to trigger a challenge.  Ladies may get results from smaller handles.

Perform these for 3 or 4 sets of 12 to 20 reps with 1 minute rest between sets. You should not rest too much between sets or you will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.  The weight should be heavy enough so that the movement tires the hands out in the upper ranges, not so your Grip fails.  Having the Grip completely fail with this movement could result in injury.

2.  Band Tension Pre-Exhausts

… we’ll pick up here tomorrow.  Until then, enjoy!

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  • Rae Nov 29, 2010 @ 15:41

    This article is great so far….I can’t wait to see what else you suggest for some good hand strength. That is really my problem as well so I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s continuation.

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