How To Double Kettlebell Swing

How To Do The Double Kettlebell Swing

When first starting with the double kettlebell swing, use a medium pair of kettlebells.

1. Place the kettlebells on the ground in front of you.

2. Step back about half a step. You should be able to fold at the hips and still place your hands on the kettlebells.

3. Keep you head up and eyes on the horizon.

4. Aggressively hike the kettlebells between your legs and underneath your body so you feel a stretch across your hips and down your hamstrings.

5. Drive your feet into the floor/ground and stand up hard. Drive with your whole foot, not just your heels. Make sure your toes stay in contact with the ground at all times.

6. Contract your abs and squeeze your glutes hard. Power breathe as you snap your hips. The kettlebells should float up on their own by the power you generated with your hips. Aim to get them between waist and eye level. Mid-chest level, parallel to the ground is great.

7. Hike the kettlebells back between your legs for another rep.

8. Perform as many reps as you choose, but don’t go to failure or into deep fatigue.

9. Keeping your chest up and an arched back, place the kettlebells safely on the ground after your final backswing. Make sure your back doesn’t round when placing the kettlebells down. This can lead to a lower back injury.

For more advanced details and a deeper dive on the Double Kettlebell Swing, go here.

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