How To Double Kettlebell Push Press

How To Double Kettlebell Push Press

The Double Kettlebell Push Press is a great exercise in its own right. It is a powerful (pun intended) exercise that can overload the shoulder and arm musculature, strengthening the triceps for the lockout of the Military Press.

Furthermore, when the volume is high enough, it can be used to pack mass on the upper body.

Finally, when combined with the Double Kettlebell Clean, it’s an amazing substitute for the Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk for someone lacking shoulder mobility or the necessary skill to drop under the bells for the Jerk.

1. Clean the kettlebells to the rack position. (You may move the feet closer toward each other after the Clean).

2. Keeping the torso vertical (perpendicular to the ground), dip your knees quickly and then straighten them.

3. At the instant they straighten, use the force generated from your legs to drive the kettlebells overhead locking out the elbows.

4. To lower them, either pull them back down to the rack or let them “freefall” absorbing or catching them by dipping your knees.

5. Straighten your knees and set up for another rep.

6. Perform as many reps as you choose.

7. To put the kettlebells down follow the procedure for the Double Kettlebell Clean.

For more detailed information on performing the Double Kettlebell Push Press, go here.

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