Top 30 Things I Learned In 2010

Top 10 Things I Learned About Physical Fitness and Kettlebells

1. The Get Up is like the Swiss Army Knife of exercises. It can pretty much be modified to do anything and can be a tool for almost any use. The cross-body integration is phenomenal.

2. Neck position is critical. It dictates what is going on in the rest of the body. Most of us neglect training it. We shouldn’t. Want a stronger Press? The neck may hold one of the keys. Want a more explosive Swing? Might want to look at the neck… Etc…

3. Double KB Drills are infinitely harder than their barbell counterparts. At least to me. More muscle is recruited. More energy is used. I’d rather barbell Snatch than double KB Snatch. I’ve known this for years, but it was re-enforced to me this year.

4. The Double KB Front Squat is underrated. It may be one of the most all-ecompassing full-body developers ever “discovered.” If you hate to squat, you’re really going to hate the DFSQ.

5. Look up to Press. Really. Forget all the neutral spine stuff. Watch the point where your hand and the bell become one. It’ll go up like a hot knife through butter.

6. A lot of people are confused about kettlebell program design. For example, I got a ton of emails this year asking “Which program should I do – ‘Kettlebell Burn’ or ‘Kettlebell Muscle’?” A lot of people were stumped on my response, which leads me to #7…

7. A lot of kettlebell users “work out” but haven’t really thought about their short term and long term goals. So my answer to #6 is – “What are your goals? If you want lose fat, use ‘Burn’ and if you want to gain muscle, use ‘Kettlebell Muscle’.” First, we all need to have goals. Second, we all need to follow kettlebell programs, not just use random kettlebell workouts.

8. I hate the Double KB Front Squat. But it might be one of the best exercises for me. The same still holds true about the Get Up. Still don’t personally love it, but love what it does for me.

9. The squat pattern may not be what we think it is or should be. After hearing Marty Gallagher lecture, the ascent of the Squat is different than I thought it was. I’ve been playing around with this and seeing great results.

10. For fat loss, kettlebell density training is hard to beat. It allows the individual to start from their beginning, set the pace of the workout, and easily measure improvement from week to week.

Top 10 Things I Learned Professionally.

11. There are some REALLY smart people in the fitness field. And my suspicion is that many of them just stay quiet and keep their heads down. Tim Anderson and Mike McNiff are two guys I had the opportunity to hang out and work with this year. Take away – you never have all the answers and the answers you might be looking for may come from unlikely places.

12. The human body is infinitely complex, but it’s not as “sensitive” as some would make it out. It is remarkably resilient and will do the best it can to adapt to any situation you put it in. Sometimes, you need someone to point this stuff out to you and help you shatter your pre-conceived notions.

13. You should have a close group of friends for support. You’ll need it. They’ll need it. You’ll all be glad you have each other.

14. Seek to learn something new every day – whether it’s about the body, or finances, or business, or whatever. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. There is no in between. Stagnation is one stage before death.

15. Find your weaknesses. Decide if you can live with them. If not, can you delegate them? If so, do it. Virtual Assistants can be a Godsend.

16. What are the top 3 things that make you the most productive? Focus on those 3. Delegate out the rest. (Similar to #5.)

17. Get a coach. Business. Fitness. Financial. Life. Whatever. Is there an area you want to improve on but aren’t sure how? You can spend the money on a coach or you can waste time, energy, attention and money trying to figure it all out on your own. I owe my entire online business to my business coach. (Thanks K!)

18. Join a Mastermind Group. Is there something you don’t really know how to do but really want to “fast track?” Find a group of people with similar interests and rally around someone who’s already accomplished what you want to. I joined one of these in October and it’s been phenomenal so far. What a great group of like-minded professionals! And what a great pair of leaders!

19. Service. It’s all about being a servant. Look to provide solutions to your clients, your friends, your family. NEVER forget that.

20. Network with professionals from similar fields. My wife is a Physical Therapist. It’s great to have someone in that field to bounce ideas off and get direction from for my clients when I need to.

Top 10 Things I Learned Personally.

21. No matter how bad you might think your circumstances look at any given time, there is always someone worse off than you are. I spent 2 weeks in Haiti in July. Eye-opening. So give thanks for your circumstances.

22. Seek God first. I’m not talking about “The Universe” or your “Higher Power.” If this concept offends you, skip ahead. God is real. He exists. And He wants us to know Him personally. Life is better, more relaxed, safer, and generally easier when you are 100% sure that God has got your back. It makes life more enjoyable and less of a struggle. He also gives your life meaning and purpose.

23. My wife is right. A lot. Nuff said.

24. Value people, not things. I’m not a materialistic kind of person. I don’t need the latest, greatest anything. But going to Haiti REALLY made me see the value of a person. We are ALL created in God’s image. At the end of the day, our differences don’t really matter, it’s that ONE SIMILARITY that binds us together.

25. I no longer feel the need to be a Loner. I have GREAT friends. And I love them all. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for my close knit inner circle. Summit of Strength with Brett, Jeff, and the Iron Tamer was arguably one of the highlights of my year.

26. As much as I’d love to, I cannot squat every day. I probably could do it, but I’d pay for it later. Missing cartilage is a bummer. The one exercise I can and should do every day? The Get Up. Another one – sled dragging. My body loves both of those.

27. The thought of becoming a father is mind-blowing. The fact that God would entrust another human life into my hands is incredibly humbling.

28. Life is about people and experiences with people. This year Courtney and I spent 2 weeks in Europe. One of my most memorable times ever. Paris is beautiful. Which reminds me, the French, although different from Americans, are really nice people.

29. Trust your spouse. He or she is not your competition. My wife is my partner. How often I forget. Watching the baby grow inside of her has reminded me that we are a team. As corny as it sounds, there really is no “I” in Team. It’s “we” and “us.” It took me almost 12 years, but I think I’ve finally learned it.

30. I’m no wine conoieseur, but after spending a week in Paris, I prefer French wines over all others. To me, they just taste better.


I hope you enjoyed reading that. Feel free to comment on which you liked the most and one of the things you learned this past year.


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