Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes – #5 of 10 – You making this “measuring” mistake?

Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes – #5 of 10 – You making this “measuring” mistake?

One of the reasons people fail to see the progress they’re looking for when it comes to “weight loss” is they’re focused on the WRONG THING.

They’re using incomplete data to determine their success.

The #1 problem?

They’re only using the scale to track / measure their progress.

Why’s this a bad thing?

Because the scale measures WEIGHT NOT MASS.

The difference?

MASS is the amount of material.

WEIGHT is the measure of force acting on that material due to gravity.

The scale doesn’t tell you your FAT MASS – how MUCH FAT you have. 

Nor does it tell you your FAT FREE MASS – or muscle and organs.

So, you can actually “weigh less” but gain fat.

See, people don’t really want to “lose weight.”

They want to “lose fat.”

And as you can see, there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Muscle is approximately 18% more dense than fat.

Which is to say 1 cubic inch of muscle weighs more than 1 cubic inch of fat.

This is why you can train hard, eat well, lose inches in your waist, and the scale doesn’t change.

You’re growing muscle and losing fat at approximately the same rate.

So that means you need use:

1-  A tape measure to track decreases in circumferences

2-  Pictures at the same time of each day with the same lighting to see increases in definition

3-  Body fat percentage measurements to actually get hard numbers on how much body fat you’re losing

You’ll probably have to go out of your way to get #3 done, but 1 and 2 are easy enough to do from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

A 45 year old man runs an 8 week kettlebell fat loss program.

He doesn’t really “watch what he eats,” but he does cut back on his alcohol and “tries to eat more protein.”

Here’s his results:


Weight: 200 pounds

Waist: 38 inches

Shoulders: 46 inches

Hips: 50 inches

R Arm: 15 inches

L Arm: 14.5 inches

R Leg: 23 inches

L Leg: 23.5 inches


Weight: 198 pounds (-2)

Waist: 35 inches (-3)

Shoulders: 49 inches (+3)

Hips: 50 inches (0)

R Arm: 16 inches (+1)

L Arm: 15.5 inches (+1)

R Leg: 24 inches (+1)

L Leg: 24.5 inches (+1)

As you can see, our man only lost 2 pounds on the scale in 8 weeks.

Fortunately, he decided to take his measurements.

You can see that he gained size in his shoulders, arms and legs (muscle) and lost size in his waist. His hips stayed the same.

It’s “Classic Recomping” – or Recomposition Training – losing fat, getting stronger, and building muscle at the same time.

Now, if he hadn’t taken his measurements, he’d probably be discouraged because he “only lost 2 pounds.”

See the difference accurate tracking with multiple data points makes?

It’s the difference between discouragement and pride of accomplishment.

By the way, I think it’s fair to say that these types of results are typical from using Kettlebell MAXIMORUM and “cleaning up your diet” without becoming “hyper-strict” on your eating.

It’s one of my best programs for “Recomping”.

But if you’re serious about losing fat before “beach season” and want to do more than just “Recomp?”

Well not only are you going to have to train, you’re going to have to “clean up your diet” – engage in “Supportive Nutrition.”

Kettlebell Burn 2.0 is a challenging single KB program which uses Supportive Nutrition to get the job done.

“Yeah, but Geoff, I’ve failed so many times before dieting. Do I HAVE to diet? Don’t you have a ‘fat loss’ program where I don’t have to diet?”

Yes, I do. 

And I’ll leave a link to it in the description below this video.

So look, if you want to use your kettlebells to lose body fat, at the end of the day, your “success” comes down to:

1- The program you use

2- Accurate data tracking and measurement

… and the scale is only part of those measurements. 

Remember to include a tape measure too.

Stay Strong,



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