Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes – #3 of 10 – S____ T___ H____… (Starting Too Hard)

Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes – #3 of 10 – S____ T___ H____…

(Starting Too Hard)

I “love it” when I get emails from people who use my KB complex programs and they say –

“The first workout only took 10 minutes. It was still challenging though. Is that enough?” (Paraphrased)

My response is usually (paraphrased):

“It was the first workout of 27. And each week will get progressively harder. Enjoy it while it lasts. 🙂

And that’s because many – if not most people – start a “fat loss” program too hard.

They go all out right away.

And as a result?

They burn out.

This is common when you start too hard.

The “trick,” is to “wade in slowly”…

Check the box and make sure you can show up for the next training session… And the next… And the next… And the next…

Over the course of 4… 8… 12… 16 weeks, the training sessions become harder, and you’re able to do more and more and more work.

This is where you see the REAL changes.

Truth be told, on many of my programs, people notice significant changes after the first 3 weeks, because the most structured programs are designed with “on-ramps”…

They’re cycles are designed to start easy and end hard so you can see early success and build consistency.

All good programs do this.

More food for thought

I really prefer using a weekly RPE scale.

The RPE – or Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale is ranked from 1-10…

Where 1 is no effort and 10 is MAXIMUM, EYE-BULGING, CAN’T GIVE ANY MORE EFFORT.

Strive to use the following cycle:

Week 1: RPE = 7

Week 2: RPE = 7.5

Week 3: RPE = 8

Week 4: RPE = 8.5 / 9

Then repeat.

This gives you one HARD week out of four. 

And it is sufficient for most of us over the age of 30… Certainly 40… And most definitely 50.

Now obviously, “HARD” is relative to your current levels of strength & conditioning.

The stronger and better you get, the easier your “Old HARD” becomes.

That of course is a measure of improvement.

So is lower body fat, a smaller waist, and looser jeans.

And assuming those are your goals, along with getting stronger in the process, I leave links to programs that will help you do just that in the description below.

Until then…

Stay Strong.



The following programs will get you leaner, stronger, and more muscular. Choose the best one that matches your capabilities and situation:


5x Single or Double Clean + Press programs

3x week

20-30 minutes per day

“The King-Sized Killer” 

Single KB

3x Snatch Programs

3x week

20 minutes per day

Kettlebell Burn 2.0 

Single KB

16-week program, 4x 4-week phases, each progressively more challenging

3x week, 45 minutes per day

Variety of KB exercises

Customized nutrition program included

Kettlebell MAXIMORUM 

12-week program, 2x 6-week phases

4x week, 20-25 minutes per day

Double Clean + Press, Double Front Squat, Snatch

Kettlebell HARD! 

Double KB Complex & Chains

37+ 9-12-week programs

3x week, 7-30 minutes per day

Large variety of double KB exercises

Kettlebell Burn EXTREME! 

Double KB

29-day “Challenge” program for RAPID fat loss

6x week, 20-25 minutes per day

Customized nutrition program included

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