Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes – #2 of 10

Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes – #2 of 10

In our last video we started a new series covering the Top 10 “Fat Loss” Mistakes people make when they’re “trying to lose weight.”

I put “fat loss” and “trying to lose weight” in quotes because I prefer to program the brain for success – “getting” something, instead of “losing” something.

So I prefer saying – “get lean” or “get leaner” – depending on my current state.

After all, we don’t say things like, “I don’t want to get less strong”…

Or… “I don’t want to lose muscle”, right?

I want to program my brain to go after what I want, not what I don’t want.

But I digress…

On to Mistake #2…

MISTAKE #2: “Having the WRONG Plan”

Yesterday we discussed the need to CHALLENGE yourself and become UNCOMFORTABLE.

Many of us like what we like, and we do what we enjoy and what we’re good at.

A good example is the “Gym Scene” from the 1980s and 90s.

Monday is International Chest Day and as a result, there’s usually a line for the bench presses. 

Friday was usually International Leg Day and the squat racks were empty.

Which is why all the guys on Monday had huge upper bodies and twigs for legs – because something always “came up” on Fridays.

Which leads me to my “General Rule of Thumb for Fat Loss / Getting Leaner” I told you yesterday we’d discuss today:


In other words, if your program is predominantly “grinds” – the slow lifts – Presses, Squats, TGUs, that sort of thing…

Then do more ballistics – Swings, Snatches, Cleans, Push Presses, and Jerks.

And vice versa: 

Switch out the ballistics for heavy grinds.

Case in point: Most people who can do hundreds of Swings are always shocked at how high their heart rates jump and how hard they work from sets of heavy double KB Front Squats.

If you’re used to doing shorter sessions? 

Make them a little longer.

And if you’re used to doing longer sessions, make them shorter with a faster pace.

And if you’re used to training 3x week? Train 6 days a week.

And vice versa.

Switch to double KB work from single KB work, and vice versa.

This concept follows the Law of Accommodation which says your body adapts to the stimulus required of it to make changes. As a result, that stimulus no longer has much if any effect. 

Plus, these “New Workouts” demand more energy from your body, so you’ll burn more calories during exercise and after. Which we all know contributes to creating a negative energy balance / caloric deficit.

Remember, the key is to get out of your comfort zone and make yourself UNCOMFORTABLE.

(Also remember, you can do practically anything for 10-12 weeks.)

For example:

As you know, I’m a big fan of Clean + Presses and Front Squats.

That’s a lot of strength work and “grinding.”

I also prefer lower reps – 1 to 3 per set, lots of sets (usually).

So, if I was going to challenge myself and strip off body fat between now and Memorial Day?

I’d use medium to high reps and way more ballistic work.

Probably a lot more Snatches and Clean + Jerks in the 6-15 rep range.

Or, I’d wait until I was 4 weeks out and go super hardcore with an EXTREME! Protocol (which I’ve done before, repeatedly, and successfully).

Again, this is because it’s the OPPOSITE of what my body is “good at” and “used to.”

So the workouts / training sessions will demand more energy, leading to more calories burned during and after each session.

Makes sense, right?

So what about you, {first_name}?

What do YOU do?

I’ll leave some resources for you in the description below. 

In our next video, we’ll cover Mistake #3.

Until then…

Stay Strong


Ballistics Only:


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