THIS Is Strength…

I met this guy in 1995 at Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, NY at my first real weightlifting meet. He reminded me of a bear.

In my mind at least, he was one of the greatest weightlifters of all time. Arguably the strongest Super-heavyweight pound-for-pound.

This is Anatoly Pisarenko.

In this clip he is Clean and Jerking 265kg – 583lbs for those of us who are metrically challenged. He only weighed approximately 270lbs.

Think about that for a second.

That’s 2.16 times his bodyweight.

That’s some serious strength.

As a young weightlifter he’s who I always wanted to be and who I modeled my technique after. Unfortunately, I was almost his age when I started my weightlifting career.

When I think about my technique, I play back his lifts in my head.

I still love weightlifting. I aspire to get back to the platform and still put 400lbs overhead in the Jerk. One day soon.

Who do you model and who inspires you to greatness – to achieve great levels of strength?

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  • Donovan Worland Mar 11, 2010 @ 21:27

    Right now I model my fist style on Jet Li’s body language, the gymnastics and flow training on various systema men and chinning of the 52Blocks machine-like, smooth style. My kettlebell lifting is solidly WKC style because they have the most number of competition vids, I can see how energy is conserved. The clubs and floor work are all Sonnon and CST style movements. It’s good video is around because there is so much to be seen of the human form. Great post. I can never find that one Hungarian though who was like 145 and put up 400 or something crazy.

  • mark reifkind Mar 12, 2010 @ 19:40

    Agreed! Pisarenko was the Man! Awesome focus, technique and pure raw strenght. great video Geoff AND congrats on becoming one of our newest Master RKCs!

  • Russ Moon Mar 13, 2010 @ 15:50

    Bill Kazmaier – I was attending football camp at the University of Virginia and on their strength staff they had Bill Dunn and John Gamble both of whom were record holding powerlifters and super strong by any definition.

    I watched Bill Kazmaier upright row 315 for 50 reps with so much velocity it was incredible. His focus so ferocious he was attacking his body and the weight at the same time.

    All three of those guys had different approaches, all three were at one time world record holders, but yes they all had the “Go Hard or Go Home” siege mentality. They wanted good form, but they wanted you to attack the weights and really go after it.

  • Colette Keno Mar 17, 2010 @ 12:57

    Ok!! Now I come from a differenct background!! I am a speed demon!! A Triathlete and runner, but I will say this “I have been enjoying” Dan John’s new book “Never Let Go” and he has brought back alot of the training I am used to from growing up in Pa(climbing mountains with water jugs and running with milk from the farm) and I believe One Reason I can still at 45 run in low 6 min miles is because I have always been into strenght training, Even though my competing is around speed (and very excited to be going this summer to train at Tom Shaw’s clinic on Speed and Strenght) we need great strenght with our biking, swimming and running to not break down. Use good form train hard or go home or don’t even attempt your challenge!!

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