The “P” Word That Sabotages Your Kettlebell Workouts…? ​​😕

The “P” Word That Sabotages Your Kettlebell Workouts…? 😕

I got off the Zoom last night with “Carl” – you’ve probably read other emails of mine where I’ve discussed his success.

Last night, he and I discussed more of his successes.

In fact, Carl’s turned a corner:

He’s stacked 21 weeks of training in a row under his belt.

The most he’s done consecutively in a long, long time.

Have they all gone perfectly according to plan?


He’s had struggles and battles to face along the way – scheduling and health – that he’s had to overcome.

But you know what?

The reason for his success is that he’s refused to give in to the “P” word –


And instead, he’s looked for PROGRESS…

“Small W’s” – Small Wins…

… Areas where he could’ve made choices that defeated him and took him further away from his goals.

For example:

The other night he came home from work and was exhausted. 

He had the choice between sitting on the couch with the remote and some beers, or go workout.

Perfect would’ve been to warm up, then train.

But Carl knew he didn’t have it in him to warm up. If he hit that floor, he was going to stay down.

So, he just grabbed his KB and away he went.

Many times, “perfect is the enemy of the good.”

Remember, “perfect” doesn’t exist in this world.

Shoot for “good” instead.

Not training = bad.

Training = good.

Start there.

Then look for all the small, seemingly insignificant wins, and “stack them.”

This is how you make a “Big Win” and wake up one day 10 pounds lighter pressing the next bell size up with ease.

Secret # To Success With Your Kettlebell Workouts – 

The secret is to:

[1]  Use as few moving parts as possible 

Pick 1 to 3 exercises per training session.

This is why I put together programs revolving around 1-2 lifts. They’re easy to do.

[2]  Set a time limit / duration you’d feel like a fool for not making

Shorter durations are the way to go – 15 to 30 minutes.

[3]  Choose a frequency you KNOW you can do.

I recommend 3x a week – it fits into almost every schedule.

2x during the week, and 1x on the weekend fits many guys’ schedules.

[4]  Pick a time to train where you have the least number of excuses for failure.

Morning works for some, because then it’s done and out of the way and not staring you down at the end of the day.

Some need the evenings because it acts as a stress relief “buffer” between work and family.

Some can do lunch because it’s the best of both worlds.

What you do is up to you, so test it and see which works best.

The only “right” answer is the one that works for you.

[5]  Use a load – a KB size or sizes – that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Pick a weight that you know you can do.

The goal isn’t to “be a hero” and set a PR every single time you train.

That takes too much “emotional energy” for some.

The goal is to show up EVERY TIME you say you’re going to and then do the work you say you’re going to do.

This is why most of my programs are based off Rep Maxes (RMs). 

You almost always do even the smallest percentage of your RM on any given day, regardless of how you feel and grab a “small W.”

Make sense?

Now, take these 5 “secrets” and go forth and conquer.

Stay Strong,


P.S. If you need a program to follow to help you stack those “Small W’s” and beat perfectionism, here are 3 to choose from:

👉 [1]  Swing programming

👉 [2]  Clean + Press programming

👉 [3]  Clean + Press, Snatch, Front Squat programming

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