THE CONCLUSION – How To Out-Snatch A Donut, Part 3

In my last two posts I’ve talked about strategies to outsnatch a donut without actually talking about Snatches or really even donuts.

So let’s get down to brass tacks here – let’s talk about the obvious, Snatches and donuts.

Part of this, remember, is to give you an overall strategy to implement so that you can eat those donuts (yes, it morphed into a three-part strategy from a two-part one. Sorry – what can I say…?).

So the first part was:

Eat as many whole, organic, natural foods as possible, focusing primarily on lean red meat, poultry, fish (especially cold water fish), berries, fruits, and vegetables.

And part two was:

Implement Intermittent Fasting.

Here’s the third part:

“Hedge” the Donut(s).

If we’re completely honest with ourselves, most of us know when we’re going to eat junk. We have to either by it at the store and take it home, or plant our butts in Mickey-D’s (or the drive-thru). Most of the time these are cravings that form in our minds. So we know we’re going to eventually break down and give in. Why not just be prepared for it?

So that’s what we’ll do.

Feel that craving coming on?


Go do 10-20 minutes of Snatches or Swings (kettlebell ballistics are key here – burn more calories than grinds in most cases). 20 minutes is actually better. It’ll enable you to burn off more stored carbohydrate in the short term and increase your metabolic rate after you exercise (EPOC), allowing you to burn off more fat in the long term.

(This will also give you “space” for the junk calories you’re about to eat.)

Then eat the donut(s). (Notice how there’s an “s” on the end there? Very few of us can eat just one.)

The next day, do the same thing – 10-20 minutes of Snatches or Swings. Not only will you have burned calories pre-donut eating, and probably more than the donuts actually cost, but you will burn off extra the next day. (If you use the Viking Warrior Conditioning Protocol for 20 minutes on each day, you’ll at least burn off two donuts – and probably two more due to EPOC.)

Pretty cool, huh?

So that’s how you Out-Snatch A Donut – EVERY time.

I hope you enjoyed that 3-part series.

I think that it’s important to eat healthy to give our bodies and our minds energy, but it’s also important to cut loose once in awhile without feeling guilty about it.

The key is having strategies in place that let you do that. If you want the specific plan that my clients and I use that let us eat all of our favorite foods each week and still lose body fat – something that’s easy to use and let’s you still feel satisfied – then check this out.

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  • Larry Mar 1, 2011 @ 12:39

    I love snatching and don’t love donuts (chips are my weakness), but I want to make sure I get you straight. Are you saying it is okay to snatch for 20 minutes every day? I am at 109,000 snatches in 20 months and would love to snatch for 20 minutes a day but thought that I should take rest days from snatching.

    • GEOFFN Mar 7, 2011 @ 6:46

      Larry, No, I am not saying it’s ok to Snatch every day in this article.

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