The case AGAINST the Kettlebell Snatch

The case AGAINST the Kettlebell Snatch

A lot of people like the looks of the Kettlebell Snatch because it just looks powerful and cool. 

Plus, it has a reputation as a “fat burner” and “total body conditioner,” which lends to its mystique.

(Both are true.)

But honestly, I’m pretty sure many Kettlebell users probably shouldn’t do it and jump in too soon.

At least not for a while.

And certainly not when they first get started. 

Why’s that? 

Even though the Snatch is the Tsar (Emperor) of Kettlebell lifts, a great “conditioner,” and “fat loss promoter”…

… It’s really the culmination of a series of SKILLS that you learn in the modern KB systems.

Here’s what I mean. In order to Snatch correctly you need the following:

[1]  Hip Hinge → Swings, Cleans

[2]  Overhead [Shoulder] “Mo-Stability” & Lockout Strength → Turkish Get Up

[3]  Taming the Arc → Cleans

[4]  Moving the KB To Overhead → Presses

So, the Snatch becomes a natural progression from all those skills. 

And that means generally, the body is prepared as a whole for the exercise.

But if you don’t have those down, which comes from nothing more than practice, practice, and some more practice, with a side of practice…

… Then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

How long does it take to learn the Snatch? 

Well, it depends on you, your training history, your injury history, your attention to detail, and your consistency.

So it’s hard to say. 

Anywhere from a few hours (for strong, highly conditioned, highly coordinated, injury-free individuals) to a few years (for out-of-shape, high-mileage, beat down individuals). Some people can pick it up with ease, some should stay away from it altogether.

And if you rush it? 

You’re looking at possible injuries: 

[X]  Lower back strain

[X]  Elbow tendonitis

[X]  Shoulder issues

[X]  Biceps injuries/tears (Like ripping, not crying. Although with the ripping most likely comes crying, so maybe it’s both…)

Fun stuff. (*Sarcasm.)

The biggest problem I see is when people jump right into using it without the aforementioned preparation.

So, if you want to tackle the Kettlebell Snatch? 

It’s quite simple:

[1]  Make sure your Level 1 and Level 2 skills are dialed in.

(Don’t know what I’m talking about? Watch this video.

[2]  Practice and train the Snatch.

Then enjoy the rewards you receive from your newfound power, strength, conditioning and the physique that comes with that.

If your Level 1 and 2 skills are dialed in, and you want a program to reap the benefits of the Snatch, you can check out the “The King Sized Killer” here.

And if you need a program that trains your Level 1 and 2 skills, this one will have you Snatching in about 8 weeks, assuming you’re injury free. (It’s also great for simultaneously stripping off fat and getting stronger.)

Hope this helps.

Stay Strong,


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