The *BEST* LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercises…?

The *BEST* LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercises…?

As you know by now, the LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercises are truly “next level” and are based upon the Double Front Squat (DFSQ).

A lot of guys who grew up in the 80s and 90s still hate squats, so they refuse to do them.

That’s a shame, because the DFSQ reinforces ONE of TWO POSITIONS critical for your success with double KB lifting: 


The Rack Position is where everything starts. It’s the “launchpad” and the “rest stop” for most of the double kettlebell drills, so it’s important to get this position correct from the start.

The Rack teaches you how to:

[1]  Become “comfortable” with the discomfort with a pair of KBs trying to crush you and keep you from breathing.


[2]  How to turn your body into a solid “Pillar of Power,” from which you move your heavy KBs.


[3]  Provides a valuable “pre-flight checklist” for every rep, to ensure you produce maximum force with maximum safety.

(No good having the first without the second. It’s like having a dragster engine and bicycle brakes in your car.) 

So, the DFSQ is a “Moving Rack.”

And the Double Military Press (DMP) teaches you how to “Move the Rack.”

Both are CRITICALLY IMPORTANT for advanced double KB exercises like the Push Press and the Jerk.

And that’s because they are performed explosively – so you need to make sure you can produce, redirect, and absorb force quickly. Otherwise, you can get injured.

There are 5 major cues you need to know in order to develop a strong Rack.

The SECOND “mission critical” position is the “set up” from the floor (also called your “stance.”.

This starts with the Double KB Clean (DCL), which is the “delivery system” into the Rack.

Your set up / stance is going to be wider than it is with a single KB and that’s because you have to hike 2 KBs under/beneath your body. And in order to do so, you’ll need to incorporate more knee bend, and recruit more of your quadriceps.

This creates a more “vertical” pull, or “vertical trajectory,” unlike the Swing, which is considered a “horizontal projection of force,” or trajectory.

For most, and certainly everyone who comes to me for “form checks,” this means FOUR things will change:

[1]  Your foot position

[2]  Your foot pressure

[3]  Head position

[4]  Chest position

When you get these positions correct, your KBs almost effortlessly end up in the Rack, with very few, if any other cues. No need for complicated drills here. 

Simply find and nail your positions and “HEY PRESTO!” – your bells practically jump into the rack, especially if you use the “Inverted V” kettlebell set up.

(I’ve detailed these positions for you on pp. 10-14 and pp. 20-32 of the Kettlebell STRONG! Training Manual, and also in the digital videos.)

This positions, the Rack and the Set Up / Stance, and the fact that you “dial them in” and “own them” in the DFSQ, DCL, and DMP, make them the *BEST* LEVEL 4 exercises you, or anyone else for that matter, can do.

If I had to represent them in a graphic, they’d look something like this:

And once you spend some time with these 3 exercises, every other double KB lift will be easy.

Or at least easier.

So, if you’re going to start training with the LEVEL 4 exercises, start with these three. 

How much time? 

A minimum of 6 to 12 weeks. 

Honestly, you could organize 80-90% of your training around “just” these 3 and see unimaginable gains in strength, muscle, and conditioning. 

Pepper in the other 10-20% with double KB exercises like the Swing, High Pull, Push Press, Jerk, and and even Snatch, and you’ll have an entire lifetime of productive and enjoyable kettlebell training ahead of you.

Stay Strong,



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