The “Best” Kettlebell Exercise to SEE Visible Change?

A lot of people want to know what the “best” kettlebell exercise for this, that, and the next thing is.
Honestly, a lot of it depends on –
[+]  Your goals
[+]  Your exercise history
[+]  Your injury history
[+]  What you’re actually willing to do
When we look at “fundamental” human movements –
What we’re “made” to do, we see the following:
There’s probably a “best” exercise for you for each of these patterns.
Some examples:
Push – Push ups, bench press, military press
Pull – Chin ups, pull ups, rows
Squat – Goblet squat, KB squat, barbell back squat
Bend – Deadlift, KB Swing, Clean, Snatch
Lunge – Lunge, Turkish Get Up
Twist – Rotational chops & lifts, 1H Swing (anti-twist/rotation)
Gait – Walk, Jog, Ruck, Run
Most traditional total body workouts – including KB workouts –
Include at least 3 or 4 of these patterns and they typically use one exercise per pattern.
But what if you don’t want to spend the “normal” amount of time working out?
The 45 minutes to an hour that it usually takes to get through all the sets and reps for each?
Is there a better way?

Enter the Kettlebell Clean and Press.

Double Kettlebell Clean and Press
Performing the Clean & Press with a pair of kettlebells is one of the most complete (and demanding) “exercises” there is.
It works your upper and lower body.
It’s a –
Yes, there’s some knee bend in there – up to 90 degrees, depending on the person…
… So your quads get some work, but without the leg chafing that comes from heavy squats.
Think about it:
[+]  Hips
[+]  Hamstrings
[+]  Calves
[+]  Abs
[+]  Lower back
[+]  Hands
[+]  Forearms
[+]  Biceps
[+]  Triceps
[+]  Shoulders
[+]  Upper back
[+]  Lats
… All worked from simply picking a pair of kettlebells up and pressing them over head.
Not to mention when you do them for reps.
Your heart and lungs suddenly get “switched on” and you feel like your puffing and panting like a steam train!
A few weeks later, you notice you feel more energetic.
Your shirts start fitting “differently” across the shoulders and upper back…
The sleeves start feeling tighter.
You pick up your morning Cup of Joe for a sip and notice more veins in your forearm. Both your forearms that weren’t there before. Or at least you didn’t notice…
Come to think of it… Your forearms are looking thicker… more like a turkey leg…
When you put your jeans on, they button easily and are no longer as snug in the waist as they once were.
And running up and down the stairs is a breeze.
Not to mention the housework and “honey-do” lists on the weekends, which no longer leave you tired, if not exhausted.
Don’t take my word for it –
Over 1900 men (and even some women!) are experiencing this for themselves.
Lots of people are talking about it.
Specifically, THE GIANT kettlebell workout programs.
In fact, there’s a 34-page thread on THE GIANT 1.0 over on the StrongFirst forum.
Regardless of what other people think, if you want a “one stop shop” exercise that has the potential to radically change how you look and feel –
I recommend the Clean + Press with a pair of kettlebells.
You can program it yourself.
Stay Strong,
P.S. If you’re concerned about “Gait” or “Twist”, you could always perform THE GIANT with one kettlebell. That way you’ll get some anti-rotation / anti-twist component in there. Then, go for a 20 minute walk after.

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