That One Hurt A Little Bit…

I’ve changed up the structure of my training programs.

I’m moving away from Olympic lifting and back into what I started with so long ago – good ol’ “Powerbuilding.” That’s just a way to justify getting as strong as I want and eat as much as I want as well and therefore “coincidentally” pack on some mass.

I will continue to hit my beloved Olympic lifts and variations, it’s just that the classic lifts – squatting under – are basically done. The hips don’t like it and I don’t have the energy to do what’s necessary to make the hips like it.

I am working on combining the Oly stuff with good ol’ fashioned Big Three powerlifts, followed up by kettlebell and bodyweight training. Nothing fancy, just hard, smart work.

Last night wiped me out. Just a little bit of CNS fatigue as I am dragging my butt around today.

Here’s how it went down:

A. Power Clean, floor, 3×5, rest 3-5′

(70kg/5), 85kg/5, 100kg/5, 115kg/5 – missed the first one here and then went on for another 5 reps, which was weird, because I rarely miss a lift, plus this was light-ish.

B. Deadlift, floor, 3×5, rest 3-5′

(115kg/5), 135kg/5, 155/5, Rep Max @ 175kg/8,with 2 in the bank. Felt surprisingly easy.

C. Double KB Snatch, 2x24kg, 3×10, rest 2′

By the time I got here, I was feeling a little drained. But these felt ok. It’s a very interesting feeling moving submaximal weight maximally after something relatively heavy. It’s not something my body is used to at all. The amount of juice you can put into each rep is quite substantial, even with a little fatigue in the system.

D. Pistols, 16kg, 2×5, rest 2′

Ok, by this point, I was pretty well done. It was amazing how much energy these took after the snatches, deadlifts and cleans. I kept them in because I want to push up my pistol strength. I will include pistols on these days but at half the volume of Mondays, where my primary focus is lower body pushing.

So far, I’m really enjoying this style of training. It reminds very much of the good ol’ days in college when I would just lift heavy stuff. It was a good time. I need more of that right now in my training. So this is the path for a little while.

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