Stronger Thoughts For Better Kettlebell Workout Results

Stronger Thoughts For Better Kettlebell Workout Results 

In this video, I’m covering what I call “Stronger Thoughts” for better kettlebell workout results. 

These are ideas I have on any given day of the week based on my own training, my clients’ training, my customers’ feedback, or things I’ve read. 

Hopefully you find them helpful.

[1]  Remember, the difference between the “elite” and the “amateur” is that the former has mastered (and still practices) “the basics.”

Regardless of the discipline, those who are greatest in that discipline, have the greatest discipline.

They master the basics of their discipline, of their skill.

One of the reasons people don’t make progress with their training, is they choose not to exercise the self-discipline of focus.

They get “distracted” by “shiny object syndrome” because they “get bored” easily.

They are looking to be entertained by their workouts.

Which of course is another problem:

Their perspective.

[2]  Goals require training, practice.

Changing your body is no different.

Learning to play the piano, rock climb, shoot a gun…

All have different skill components to them.

Learn the skills, then increase the difficulty and complexity.

Kettlebell training is exactly the same.

You can strip off body fat with “just Swings.”

You can “recomp” with “just Clean + Jerks.”

But the latter is another level of complexity built from the former.

If you’re constantly looking for your “workouts” to entertain you – to provide you with excitement, you’ll routinely miss the “training” concept behind it.

Athletes train. They go to practice. They don’t (or at least didn’t when I was competing and coaching) “work out.”

So, frame your “workouts” as “training” or “practice” to help you achieve your goal(s).

Remember, your reward for staying the course in your training is the change – the goal – the outcome you’re looking for. 

[3]  Measurement → Management → Progress

I still have my training logs from the early 90s: Exercises, sets, reps, rest periods.

The way I know whether I’m making progress is by logging my training sessions.


I’ve done it almost all my life. 

There were seasons when I stopped, because I didn’t have a goal, or really care about what I was doing. Hindsight being 20/20, that was a mistake.

What I’ve noticed is that there are FOUR important “tools” for making consistent progress:

(Kinda like the points on a compass: North, south, east, west…)

1] A plan

2] A training log to record your results  

3] Some form of coaching

4] Video feedback of lifts (this too, can be a form of self-coaching, assuming you’re know what correct lifting technique is)

If you’re not happy with your progress, look to see which of those four you’re missing, then fix it.

Hopefully you’ve found something helpful in today’s video.

If you need a proven kettlebell workout plan so you start seeing better results from your workouts, I’ll leave a link in the description to my store where you can find what you’re looking for. 

Stay Strong,


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