Sometimes the Mind is Willing…

…but the body won’t cooperate.

After talking myself into my training session today, I was severely disappointed by my body’s lack of response. No ankle mobility. So, I shut it down.

I don’t know what that was about, so I came home and did some bodyweight squats with stretchbands looped just under the maleoli for some dynamic loaded ankle mobility. After finding the appropriate tension, the ankles began to move, the quads kicked on, and the knees turned off the pain…and then the legs started feeling it. All I needed was 20 bodyweight squats. Seemed to do the trick. Stimulated some muscle, cemented some movement patterns.

I have a lot on my plate right now and I’m starting to rethink my training program. It would work great if I didn’t have to wonder about things like ankle mobility. I need something simpler. I’m considering doing something that will just not have me thinking so darn much–I just don’t have that much mental energy right now–it’s being used in other places. There are lots of things I need to do physically: regain/reclaim hip mobility; apparently, regain ankle mobility, heal the gut, train for the State Championships…I think I’m going to take the approach recommended to me last year by Zachariah Salazar–train and when you feel good, compete instead of training for a specific competition. The only problem with that is I expect to feel good around about May 17th!

Speaking of simple, I picked this up from Elite Fitness today:

5-3-1: The Simplest and Most Effective Training System for Raw Strength

It’s very simple and a great read. It reminds me way too much of the way Alfonso recommended I train…apparently I don’t listen very well… Anyway, I’ve never met Jim Wendler, but I hope to–his writing style is down-to-earth and in some places, downright funny. His program is simple, easy to understand, and easy to follow. It’s simplicity also reminds me of an equation Alfonso shared with me for guaranteed success in strength training and also some of Pavel’s programs. I recommend it.

So, what does Jim’s program have to do with my mind being willing? Well, I may actually just follow the darn thing and show up on May 17th just to see what I can do–win, lose, or draw. No harm, no foul, I reckon. Plus Jim’s program allows me to work on all the aforementioned areas and not have to really worry about anything.

We’ll see.

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  • VitalikGromovss Aug 8, 2009 @ 12:24

    I love it! That is way cool man! The steps weren’t that complicated too, which is great.

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