“Shooting yourself in the foot” – LEVEL 4 Kettlebell Workout Woes… :-(

Let’s talk about something really unpopular today: LEVEL 4 Kettlebell workout woes.

I can’t tell you how many emails and forum posts I’ve read over the last few months from guys who’ve hurt themselves doing double KB training.

Why does this keep happening?

3 Simple Reasons:

First, no one has ever come right out and told them this:

1️⃣  Double KB training plays by different “rules” than single KB training.

Yes, the techniques are similar.

But they are not the SAME.

For example:

Single KB technique is based on the “hinge,” like you find in the Swing.

Double KB technique is NOT.

It’s based on something else. 

There’s more room for error with single KB technique.

For example, you can lean sideways on a single KB Press. 

You can’t do that on a double KB Press.

So, they mistakenly assume, through no fault of their own, that the technique is the same.

And second,

2️⃣  Most people are taught that their single KB technique has to “look” a certain way.

For example: The set up for the Swing.

The reality is this:

Your set up, and technique, although similar to mine, will also NOT BE THE SAME as mine.

Our technique will look similar, but not IDENTICAL.

This is due to different lever lengths – different length arms… legs… torso to leg relationship… and so on.

As a result, most people are never taught to FEEL what’s going on inside their bodies.

The FEELING gives you the FEEDBACK that you’re in the right position and that the right muscles are working at the right times, and you are therefore doing things right.

And third –

3️⃣  Their physical limitations were not addressed and / or alleviated through proper single KB technique and programming.

So guys show up to LEVEL 4 thinking they’re ready to go, only to discover a few workouts in, that their shoulder… lower back… knee… or elbow suddenly hurts. 

Or that old injury they thought they’d taken care of, suddenly resurfaced.

The reality is they just changed exercises and escaped the pain cycle, but never really fixed the issue. And now double KB work just threw them right into their issues again.

It’s like shooting themselves in the foot, without knowing why.

Unfortunately, I’ve LIVED this out. 

And I know what it feels like to be injured and not be able to train / workout.

I spent the better part of my 30s – from age 32 to age 38, rehabbing injuries and incessantly modifying my workouts to work around pain and dysfunction.

6 (SIX!) years is a LONG time!

And I spent roughly $25,000 between my wife and I on alternative treatments, “advanced” certifications, and training (NOT including kettlebell certs) to get me out of pain and moving like I wanted again.

That’s A LOT of money!

Then, it took me ANOTHER four years to get to do what I loved to do – return to the Olympic Weightlifting competition platform.


A whole friggin’ decade!

Can you imagine that?

I pray you never have to spend that kind of money or time on recapturing your health and strength.

All this is why I put together Kettlebell STRONG! instructional video series.

It is THE DEFINITIVE LEVEL 4 double KB exercise tutorial program.

And everything you need to know about the double kettlebell exercise and lifting techniques is inside waiting for you.

Get your copy here.

Stay Strong,


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