Seeking Professional Help…

Sounds like a “want ad” I know.

But sometimes, no matter how “good” you think you are, it’s better to get outside, professional guidance than stick to your current course of action.

I’ve been struggling with my left hip for over 18 months now ever since I dinged it repeatedly on a snatch workout with 120kg in April of ’08. That was extremely disappointing because training hadn’t gone that well for about, oh, 8 years.

I’ve had great success with Z-Health, but can’t help but wonder if I’ve been missing something. So, tomorrow I’m headed up to Pittsburgh to see my good friend and fellow RKC/Z guy, Brett Jones, who also happens to be an FMS guru.

I will report back my results, but the more I think about it, there is something suspicious going on and I think that I’ve been missing something for a long time – perhaps even something that I’ve missed with Z…

My training has been going well though, in spite of the hip – just “greasing the groove” with Front Squats, Military Presses, and RDLs. Will also report back, but so far, so good. Early yet.

That’s it for now. Will report back from post-Pitt trip.

Oh, yeah, one more thing – if you need professional help, don’t ding yourself repeatedly with the same lift and then wait 18 months to really do something about it, ok?

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