Raw Power And Athleticism Defined…

It’s no secret – I LOVE the sport of Weightlifting.

Arguably my all-time favorite lifter is Anatoli Pisarenko. He was the Soviet Super Heavyweight who ruled the world between 1982-1984.

He redefined the Super Heavyweight.

He was lean and powerful.

Graceful almost.

Watch this video and watch his body positions. Absolutely amazing!

He Clean and Jerked 583lbs at a bodyweight of around 270lbs.

What can you learn?

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  • Kira Jul 14, 2010 @ 20:41

    Hey Geoff,

    I really enjoyed watching this clip.

    I’ve always been scared of trying to learn Oly Lifting … I haven’t got access to an oly lifting coach where I live and, to be honest, I’m a pretty unco guy, so I’ve been hesitant to have a crack at it by myself.

    I did try once and all the stuff I was reading/watching suggested I needed high elbows in the catch position of the clean and jerk. I simply haven’t got it … in fact, my elbows basically point down 🙁

    At any rate, I noticed that Pisarenko has lower elbows in the catch than some of the other people I’ve looked at.

    Just wondered how important you think it is to have high elbows?

    Sorry if my question isn’t using the right terminology … As I’ve said, olympic lifting is a ‘strange foreign land’ to me.


  • Russ Moon Jul 16, 2010 @ 17:39

    Here’s what I see :

    Shoulders – are definitely so far up in the socket that they would be considered “fully packed”

    Jerk – his first part of his motion prior to the split reminds me of the upward energy of the dual kettlebell push-press

    Hip Hinge – he retains that lower flat back position until the hips have fully explodes and unleashed to the point that the hips are moving upward and forward beyond the lower spine. No lost energy there.

    How close am I ?

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