Private Coaching (2013)


If you’ve made it here then you must be very serious about getting results from your training.

I assume that your time and energy are very valuable to you. I know mine are to me.

Because of that, I am VERY SELECTIVE with whom I work in a Private Coaching Environment.

Not everyone who applies makes it.

Here’s what you need to know, which will save you some time and may mean that you don’t need to read much further –

Here’s who this is NOT for:

  • This is for SERIOUS trainees only.
  • This is not for rank newbies.
  • This is people who are excuse makers.
  • Tire kickers – people who want to “try things out.”

Here’s who this IS for:

  • People who are COMMITTED to achieving their goals.
  • People who want to find the physical limitations holding them back and actually do something about them (i.e.: Get Rid of Them!)
  • People who refuse to give up, no matter how high or big their obstacles seem to be.
  • People who can follow directions.
  • People who want to live their life to its fullest.

Oh yeah, one more thing – This is expensive.

If you haven’t been dissuaded yet, I invite you to apply below: