PM Update – Day 3

Just got in from my seminar.

Pretty tired from absorbing all that information.

About to hit tonight’s training session.

Last night was really quick – got in, banged out a couple of exercises, and went out to dinner with one of my buddies and his friends. I brought my kettlebells in from the car (16kg and 24kg) and he was surprised that I actually brought them! Have kettlebell, will travel I always say.

Anyway got this done in about 14 minutes:

A. Supine Band Activation Work 1×10

B.¬†Half Kneeling Bottom’s Up Presses, 16kg/15,15

I really like these Bottoms Up because they really force you to focus on your torso positioning. In order to do that you’ve really got to squeeze the gluts hard. This plus the bottoms up grip really forces your abs to work hard of their own accord – you don’t have to make them work. Of course, a little extra help from your mind/will won’t hurt…

C. Full Get Up 16kg/2,2

These felt pretty awkward as there really isn’t an area in the hotel room to accommodate this exercise. But the lunge portion was pretty decent, which is what I was working toward. So mildly successful in this endeavor. Much better than the past, that’s for sure.

D. 2 H Swings 5×20 – 60s rest

Got the heart rate moving pretty good. Still sweating 5-10 minutes later. Either I am seriously out of shape or I was putting some serious effort into these. Maybe both.

Off to hit a quick workout tonight and then grub and then bed.

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  • mark Dec 5, 2009 @ 12:53


    looking forward your results/findings. one question, are you training outside of this? if so, how do you plan to attribute results to PM?



  • GEOFFN Dec 5, 2009 @ 13:25

    Mark – Nope, no training outside of this. Just variations of the Get Up and Swings plus the FMS variations Brett gave me.

  • mark Dec 5, 2009 @ 15:36

    very good. i committed to doing strictly pm and monster joint mobility as well. great timing on my part finding your blog.

    • GEOFFN Dec 5, 2009 @ 23:18

      Excellent, Mark! I look forward to hearing of your success.

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