Playing “Too Small?”

I had one of those “A-Ha!” moments this morning during my daily reading. I was reviewing how our minds work and I was suddenly hit with the devastating yet liberating realization that I’ve been playing “too small.”

I’ve been thinking “too small” and playing “not to lose” instead of “playing to win.”

This video confirmed that.

(Watch it and tell me what you think.)

What about you?

Have you been “playing too small?”

We all have a destiny too reach and a legacy to leave.

I know what I want mine to be.

What about you?

Feel free to leave your comments below. We can have safe, serious conversations if need be. After all, we’re all in this together.

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  • Lindsey Jan 16, 2016 @ 0:08

    Thank you for that. I think I’ve heard that song hundred times but never really heard it. Just what I needed today.

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