On Task – PM Experiment Day 4

Thought I’d get a quick update in here while on hold with hotel…

Last night was Day 4. Some different variations of the same theme.

Decided to really focus in on the lunge portion of the GU and de-emphasize the Swing.

A. Walkouts x 10

B. Half-Kneeling Presses, 24kg/15,15

C.. Band Lunge x 10,10


D1. Lunge x 10,10, bodyweight only focusing on positioning

D2. Get Up Sit Up x 24kg/5,5

D3. 2 Hand Swing x 24kg/10

Repeated circuit 3 times, rest not specified.

The Walkouts and Half Kneeling Presses were done to get the hips to loosen up and the abs to fire up because I had been sitting most of the day…

Lunges felt really decent. Looking forward to pounding on these later with a kettlebell in hand. I’m very close I think to getting the new/correct pattern set.

Get Up Sit Ups were awkward because the room is really small, and at 220lbs, I don’t fit well into the room.

Swings were done just to do them. Will move to 1H Swings next week probably.

That’s it.

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  • Zach Dec 5, 2009 @ 22:41

    I tried half kneeling presses today. Those are great.
    Thank you for your help

    • GEOFFN Dec 5, 2009 @ 23:18

      No worries – glad you enjoyed them.

  • Russ Moon Dec 6, 2009 @ 7:20

    1 arm swing 16 kg left 150 reps continuous
    1 arm swing 16 kg rt 150 reps continuous
    1 arm swing 24 kg 100 reps switch hands at 50
    1 arm swing 32 kg 50 reps switch hands at 25
    1 arm swing 48 kg left 7 reps
    1 arm swing 48 kg rt 7 reps

    60 minutes

  • GEOFFN Dec 6, 2009 @ 19:35

    Russ – That’s just sick!

    That being said – how’s the QUALITY of those reps?

    Are they ALL of very high quality? Here’s a challenge if they’re not: Repeat the workout. If and when the quality stops, finish the set. See what the percentage of “wasted” reps are if any.

  • Russ Moon Dec 7, 2009 @ 3:06

    Difficult for me to respond to that because all I can say is I don’t think the quality was lacking except on my left handed Beast swings, which is why I concluded the workout. I don’t want to infer I am some type of knowledgeable person, because I’m just a guy in his dungeon who is tired of not being fit and going to do something about it. I watch the RKC Technique Competition videos, watch the RTK DVD’s, review the pictures and “monkey see monkey do”.

    Did I do these, absolutely.
    Did I sit back, explode with the hips and lock the hips hard – yes
    Did I tame the arc and have the kettlebell at least chest high – yes

    I will repeat the workout, but if the reps go up, it doesn’t necessarily mean the quality was not there, my conditioning is going up which considering how I am smoking my system something should be happening. I have 35 years of barbell work behind me and these workouts are way more taxing that that ever was. They are not “entertainment”, but the results are unlike anything I have ever experienced.

  • GEOFFN Dec 7, 2009 @ 3:33

    Russ – Then you are a MONSTER! Glad you are experiencing such great results. Keep up your outstanding work!

    I plan to hit some heavy bells this upcoming week. It’ll be fun to say the least.

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