Not So Quick And Dirty – Day 2

Wanted to put my thoughts on paper real quick because I’m hitting the road in a couple of hours for a long weekend in Atlanta.

Here’s last night’s late night session.

A. GU to half kneeling 16kg/5,5 x2, rest as needed

B. 2 H Swings: 24kg/20 x5, rest 60 seconds

Looks very simple.

It wasn’t.

Get Ups to Half Kneeling: These were surprisingly demanding. However, I wasn’t in any rush and made sure to find my position and work into, out of, and around each of the positions. The windmill was pretty challenging on my left side. I could feel the kettlebell swaying as I looked to find the exact position to pack the shoulder. My left pec was incredibly tight too. These were great as I could really feel my body opening up. I’ve talked several times to Jeff O’Connor about these as a prelude to the Windmill proper, and I think he’s on to something for sure.

The half kneeling position – or the set up for the lunge – is getting much easier to find. My hips are staying more and more square each time. Although admittedly, trying to find square on the left side got harder and harder as the reps wore on.

Here was the weird thing, which again, I though I had taken care of years ago. In 2000 I tore my left oblique snatching while we were visiting Durham looking for a place to live. It hurt like stink and it’s virtually impossible to walk when this happens. Yes, I did PT. So, last night, and come to think of it, even yesterday, I could feel that left oblique really fire up along with the rest of my abs, more so than the right.

What’s the morale of the story?

I don’t know other than I probably shouldn’t have dismissed so quickly some of the ideas that I have in the past.

2 H Swings: These were pretty straight forward. Hard Style lock – hams, quads, gluts, abs – all firing nicely. The kettlebell just floated up and my speed on the bell was very good. Each set took approximately 30 seconds to complete and I rested 60 seconds. The heart rate was definitely up.

I expected this little workout to take only 10-15 minutes. But, once I got into the Get Up and started playing around with positioning, it turned out taking right around 30 mins. (Yesterday’s was about 29 minutes.) There’s more work to be done in the Get Up than we think, that’s for sure. (Hence Brett and Gray’s, Kalos Sthenos.)

I’m taking the 16kg and 24kg kettlebells on the road with me this weekend along with a set of bands for my workouts. I’ll mess around with some bottoms up work and start getting into some heavier work with the 32kg next week when I get back.

Will attempt to stay updated from the seminar.

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  • Russ Moon Dec 3, 2009 @ 22:27

    Got with the program and did GU ladders 3 x 1,2,3 w 16 kg

    Kalos Sthenos – on my list told family “get it for me OR I’ll buy for myself” That’s going to happen one way or the other.

    Can’t believe how loose and warmed-up my shoulders felt including the one where the bone spur was ground out.

    Snatches – 16kg 3 sets of 120 reps switching hands every 10 reps

  • GEOFFN Dec 4, 2009 @ 18:39

    Russ – I’ve been following your workouts – SICK I say! Good job! Your struggle with the Beast for single arm press is probably just learning how to master tension based on what I see for your other numbers… Keep it up!

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