Newsletter Reader Survey Results (Kinda Shocking Actually)

Newsletter Reader Survey Results (Kinda Shocking Actually)

Earlier this month I sent a survey to my newsletter readers in order to write about more things to help them reach their goals faster.

I asked them the following questions:

#1 – What’s your #1 BIGGEST FRUSTRATION?

#2 – What’s the ONE thing you need the MOST help with?

I’ll throw up a couple of screenshots of just some of the answers I received:

#1 –

#2 –

So here’s what honestly shocked me:

I already address most people’s frustrations in my near-daily emails.

And yet, they’re still frustrated.

Case in point

You can see from those two screenshots that some of people’s common problems are:

  • Time
  • Time to train
  • Time to workout
  • Not having enough time to train with young kids

… Yet this is one area I write about routinely, having experienced “time poverty” myself.

And I routinely receive emails about from folks who tell me my advocacy of short, 20-30 minute

So, I figure 3 things are happening here:

[1]  These folks aren’t getting my emails

[2]  These folks are getting my emails but not opening them

[3]  These folks aren’t taking action on the content in my emails 

Or, maybe there’s another reason I’m just not factoring in and seeing here. 🤷‍♂️

Here’s another thing that shocked me:

A lot of people had a request for some kind of a year-long plan.

For example:

Being able to map out a year of training that can be consistently repeated yet balanced.”

“How to find the balance between strength development, (some) hypertrophy, zone 2 and zone 5 cardio. Planned for the year, executed by the week.”

“Programming (year to year)”

“Minimalist programs for nearly 50 year old guys, that give you the minimal effective dose of training and mobility to being able to train forever and keep my body athletic.”

“How to best arrange programs over a year or so to get best results, e.g. strength program for 2 months followed by fat loss, followed by endurance.”

“I would like a map to help plan my training over a number of years. There could be different maps to accomplish different goals.”

“I think most trainers/coaches out there focus only on a single aspect of the “Busy parents”.

I really wish there were weekly plans for busy working people like me that combine all of these elements:

Muscle gain (hypertrophy)

Mobility & Flexibility

Core Strength


“I would like to see a year long program for overall physical health.”

“Knowing how to structure a year of training without getting bored.”

“Combining programmes throughout the year.”

“There is always lots of information in the columns. It would be helpful to detail an overall framework for training for a year (for example. What type of program and what sequence – and why? Many readers have previous experience – often it is not appealing to simply do one 4-6 week program without a plan of what to do next. You can still plug your programs, of course. First make sure readers understand the What and why regarding type of program and sequence for a given period. (Based on an individual’s level, they can select specific programs after knowing what and why.)”

I could keep going, but you get my point.

So, if you fall in that category, Kettlebell W.O.D. is a 53-week long, which takes care of many, if not most of people’s obstacles and frustrations:

[1]  It’s fully planned for 53 weeks (1 year and 1 week)  and “climbs” the 5 Level Pyramid of Kettlebell Training starting at the bottom with Level 1 and over the course of a year takes you all the way to the top with Level 5.

[2]  It’s time-efficient – 20 minute workouts: 5 minute warm up, 15 minutes of training, so it fits in the busiest of schedules.

[3]  It takes care of strength, hypertrophy, cardio, and there’s even some mobility work in there.

[4]  Everything is mapped out start to finish.

You can learn more here.


But if you find yourself in the category where you need more mobility and longevity work, then you’ll find my year-long “Inevitable Strength” program right up your alley. 

Learn more about that here if you’d like.


And finally, there were a lot of people who were still frustrated that they couldn’t get rid of their excess body fat.

Here’s just one example:

Losing stubborn body fat while maintaining muscle – without drastically changing my diet.”

As you can imagine, there were a lot more.

Honestly, that’s frustrating for me to read because I have several programs that help folks do just that. 

👉 The most recent being Kettlebell GHFL.  

I was also shocked with how many people were / are still struggling with motivation, especially since I send out a near-weekly motivation piece on Mondays.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some of that with you because regardless of what you’re struggling or frustrated with, I thought it’d be helpful for you to know that you’re not alone – certainly not the only one.

Moving forward, I’m looking for new ways to help you solve these seemingly “same old” problems that seem to be common to humanity.

I recently launched a new project that can help with:

[+]  Motivation

[+]  Technique work 

[+]  Time efficiency

[+]  Consistency

[+]  Commitment

As well as all the “usual” stuff like –

[+]  Getting Stronger

[+]  Leaning out

[+]  Improving conditioning

And so on.

I’ll leave the link in the description below to check it out if you’re interested.


Stay Strong,


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