My “Road Trip” kettlebell workout (from my trip to Phoenix – INSIDE)

My “Road Trip” kettlebell workout (from my trip to Phoenix – INSIDE)

I recently drove down to Phoenix. It took 14+ hours. (After a stop in Sedona.)

I spent the weekend at the StrongFirst “Programming Demystified” workshop all-day Saturday and half a day Sunday.

[NOTE: If you’re a coach or trainer, you owe it to yourself to go to this the next time they offer it. It was as if they’d wrapped up everything I’d learned from 1992 to around 2010 or so, and put it in a manual, and a few other goodies.]

I went a day early because I had a project I needed to finish up and I needed a quiet place to go without interruption.

I also put my pair of 32s in the back seat and took them with me.

Friday, at 5pm, which as right around the time I train, give or take about 30 minutes, I took those puppies out to the “back yard” common area, set my timer for 20 minutes, and you guessed it, I knocked out some Clean + Presses. 

How many?

Just a simple 10 sets of 5 – about one set every 2 minutes. 

Then, I rested about 5 minutes, and instead of going in, I clipped off a few sets of Front Squats – 5, 9, and 5, then wrapped it up and went back inside to work.

I find that’s a super-simple “just enough” training session for me when I’m traveling. 

A “retaining” load if you will. 

(Yes, 32s are relatively “light” for me. BUT, REMEMBER, I have a lifetime of training under my belt and used to specialize in HEAVY overhead work.)

Why primarily Clean + Press?

As we’ve discussed in the past, it’s literally a “One-Stop-Shop” for all things strength & conditioning, especially for the time-constrained.

It works:

[+]  Upper body: shoulders, arms, upper back, upper pecs

[+]  Abs

[+]  Hips/glutes, hamstrings, calves (posterior chain for increased athleticism)

[+]  Quads

[+]  Heart and lungs

Plus, it just feels like you got a lot of work done from head to toe.


I met my buddy Sven – or “German Sven” if you will on Saturday. 

He’s a beast of a man, a big fan of double KB work, and recently hoisted the legendary Scottish Dinnie Stones.

He and I talked about training, and he asked me how I trained.

So we headed to the whiteboard and I diagrammed it out for him. I won’t go into the minutiae I did with him, but here’s my current outline/template:

Day 1: Barbell Oly lifts, Front Squat, Abs

Day 2: Front Squat, Double KB Clean + Press (L), Abs

Day 3: Ring Dips + Chins

Day Off. 

Repeat cycle, but next Double KB Clean + Press is Heavy.

I end up training 4 to 6 days a week, based on energy levels and time.

“But Geoff, I thought you only recommended training 3 days a week?!”

I do – for most guys. 

But I’m not “most guys.” ;-]

I have a home gym.

I am my own boss.

I’m keenly in touch with how my body performs and responds to my training, because I’ve broken myself good ‘n plenty in the past and had to learn how to do this.

Most guys haven’t suffered like that, nor would they be willing to put the work in to do what it takes to get where I am. 

That may sound “boastful,” but after 30+ years of training others, I’ve met very few who would do that. 

Plus, I’m probably a little obsessive about that anyway.



[X]  I don’t push hard all the time

[X]  I don’t chase PRs – I let them come to me

[X]  I rarely use “hard and fast” set, rep, or rest prescriptions

[X]  Train longer than 45 minutes (most training sessions are currently averaging about 30 minutes)

[X]  Skip restoration work

I recommend you put those things on your list of “Don’t Do’s” as well.

Everytime in the past when I’ve ignored them, training becomes, how shall we say it – less than optimal.

I also heavily rely on autoregulation with my KB and Bodyweight work. Not so much with my barbell work because it’s super low volume and pretty technical. 

So, as you can see, I train almost exactly the same way I advise you.

The only difference? 

Probably the barbell work. 

(For me, it’s the measuring stick to see how well my restoration work “sticks,” or works.)

Hope you’ve found this helpful / encouraging.

Stay Strong,


P.S. People often ask me how they can combine barbells with KBs. Or bodyweight with KBs. 

That’s why I finally relented and put together the ‘BOLT ON BUNDLE’ here, where I detail how to do both. 



If you like the “one-stop-shop” idea of the Clean + Press, this program is probably one of my most popular of all time.


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