Matthew Gained 10lbs, Waist Remained The Same On A 12-Week Kettlebell “Recomp” Program

Matthew Gained 10lbs, Waist Remained The Same On A 12-Week Kettlebell “Recomp” Program

Not only that, he bought 2XL shirts…

What is a “Recomp” program?

Recomp is short for “recomposition.”

And it’s building muscle, getting stronger, and losing body fat in the same training block.

For most of us it’s easier than using the traditional bulking and cutting phases that most use with traditional bodybuilding style programs.

And by “easier,” I mean it fits into our lifestyle better than eating 6 meals a day, carrying a cooler of food around everywhere, and being so sore we can hardly move.

It’s not that those things don’t work – they do, for those who know how to structure their training cycles, and who are willing to put in the extra eating effort.

Which is why I wanted to highlight Matthew.

He emailed me – which I’m putting up here on the screen –  and told me he gained 10 pounds, his waist remained the same, and he had to buy 2XL shirts from using one of my kettlebell “Recomp” programs. 

I think those are spectacular results, and ones that most of us would not be opposed to.

Am I right?

(BIG CONGRATS to Matthew!)

And I don’t think I have to tell you that gaining 10 pounds (4.5kg) of muscle, without putting any fat on your waist is normally a tough thing to do. 

Especially in just 12 weeks.

And I can the critics now now – 

“Yeah, but you don’t know for sure that all 10 pounds of that was muscle…”

Yeah, that’s true, but I don’t know that it’s NOT.

I can deduce from what Matthew reported that most, if not all of it is, based upon the fact that his waist measurements did not change AND he had to buy 2XL shirts.

And that’s because typically, when you bulk up and gain some body fat, the ol’ pants get tighter.

And yet Matthew was able to do what most say can’t be done. 

As you can see, he used a program called “Maximorum”, otherwise known as Kettlebell MAXIMORUM. 

And as you can see, he didn’t kill himself to get those results. (He ran it twice – once as part of the Beta Test group, and then again, after we dialed in the details in the full program.)

And, he only trained between 20 and 30 minutes a day, 4x a week, for 12 weeks.

(There’s a 3x week option included in the program for those who can’t train 4x week.)

I’m sharing Matthew’s results with you in case you want to see those kinds of results from your KB training but aren’t.

If you do, I’ll leave a link to the program in the description below.


And again, a BIG CONGRATS to Matthew.

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