LEVEL 5 Kettlebell Workout Programming – ULTIMATE Kettlebell training?

LEVEL 5 Kettlebell Workout Programming – ULTIMATE KB training?

Most of us got into KB training because we bought into the concept that we could do more, with less.

And, if you recall, that was the original premise of the Soviet/Russian research studies back in the late 1980s, kettlebell training by itself:

[+]  Strengthened barbell lifts

[+]  Decreased times in sprints and running endurance events 

[+]  Improved power outputs in jumps 

Much of that research was based on the single KB Snatch (LEVEL 2) and the long cycle (double KB) Clean + Jerk (LEVEL 4) and if I recall correctly, they used LEVEL 5 programming.

Recall that LEVEL 5 programming is based upon LEVEL 4 mastery and primarily focused on training the following:

Power, Power Endurance, Strength Endurance.

And it’s the LEVEL 5 programming where many people [finally] see amazing transformations in their bodies – like stripping off body fat, and packing on muscle. 

(Not all, just many. I personally think because they’re finally pushing themselves outside their comfort zones.)

To train for Power (to become more explosive):

Use lower reps, 1-6, with adequate rest between sets.

The Double KB Clean + Jerk (DCL+J), or the Clean + Push Press (DCL+PP) are outstanding for this.

To train for Power Endurance (the ability to be repeatedly explosive for longer periods of time), use either:

[a]  Lower reps, 1-6, for repeated sets, with decreasing rest periods over the course of time, or

[b]  Medium to higher reps, 10-20, for repeated sets, with longer and nearly complete rest periods

Again, the DCL+J or the DCL+PP are outstanding choices.

To train for Strength Endurance (the ability to produce the appropriate amount of force over a given period of time, without succumbing to fatigue), you can use a combo of explosive exercises mixed with the slow lifts:

Double Front Squat

Double Clean

Double Military Press

Double Push Press

Double Jerk

Double Snatch



[a]  Alternating or Supersets: Multiple sets, low to medium reps, somewhat incomplete rests

[b]  Strength Circuits: Multiple exercises, multiple sets, lower reps, somewhat incomplete rests

[c]  Complexes: Using the same size KBs for multiple exercises, for a prescribed number of reps, without putting the KBs down

[d]  Chains: Similar to Complexes, but performed for one rep of each exercise at a time

I personally like Complexes and Chains because you can train Power Endurance and Strength Endurance at the same time – 

A “2 birds, one stone” kind of thing.

Plus, they’re just HARD.

They DEMAND your attention.

And let’s face it, some of us just like/want/need/crave “hard” or “harder” type workouts.

They’re as good for the soul as they are for the body.

If you want/need those kinds of workouts, you’ll probably really enjoy these.

Stay Strong,



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