Left Hip Madness

My left hip, it appears, has been on “lockdown” for approximately a year now. I was first aware of it when it went “sproing” while training for the state championships last April. I thought I had fixed it until December when I started in on a double KB routine. I couldn’t figure out why my right low back and glute med. were overloading, then I saw my pelvic position on the backswing–not good.

I met with Dr. Cobb while he was in town last weekend, and sure enough, the axiom is true, “Anything can cause anything.” It turns out I’ve most likely got a gut infection, which causes inflammation, which is causing irritability on the nerves that innervate the hip and actually, both legs, as I tested weak on the manual muscle tests.

Well, after 5 days on the recommended treatment–Mastic gum and Oil of Oregano, admittedly, I feel better.

I took the last 2 days off from the platform in favor of some I-Phase work due to yet another hip issue from this weekend which caused my left knee to lock up on Monday after FSQs–I couldn’t bend the darn thing more than 30 degrees (of flexion) without severe pain. Again, a little I-Phase (OK, a LOT of I-Phase), and the issue cleared up. But that led me to surmise that I needed to be more thorough and methodical about not only the left hip, but also the right. Specific lunge position work was needed.

It was a good decision. After the I-Phase last night, I felt instantly better and ROM of the hip was much improved.

I will test it out later today on the platform. This is my last two sessions of specialized strength work before I move on to the lifts themselves for two weeks. I will also start some conditioning again with the KBs, and check the hip ROM.

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