“Lean back–Way-y-y Back…”

At least that’s the cue I’m using for myself on my front squats.

I actually am visualizing my upper thoracic and lower cervical spine moving up and forward at a 45 degree angle. This allow me to stay upright, literally wedged under the bar, with my lats engaged in the movement. The position is incredibly efficient for my legs. Still challenging for the torso. This position literally puts the bar just over the posterior part of the arch in my foot. It turns on the quads quite nicely, including the oft hard to reach VM.

This position also makes bone rhythms easier to perform.

I’m using short rest periods for hypertrophy and conditioning. Worked in the past. No reason to assume it won’t work again. Plus, it makes me really strong too, in short periods of time. Just have to be careful about the cycling. Will post on that later…

Tonight’s training session:

A. Press: (70kg/2, 75/2, 80/2) x4; 60s rest. RPE: 7

B. FSQ: 120kg/2 x12 sets; 60-90s rest. RPE: 6.5

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