Killer Calorie Crushing Kettlebell Workouts…

First, an apology – Thanks so much to all of you who posted and sent me emails wishing us health and love and well-being on the announcement of our pregnancy. Forgive me not getting back to you personally – I’ve been rude. I am very humbled. Thank you all.

The Workouts…

We’re going to be keeping with the “basic” theme I started yesterday – “basic” 🙂

Workout 1:

A. Get Up – moderate weight, stopping and holding each position for 3 seconds.

Perform for 10 minutes.

Perform 1 rep each side, then switch sides.

B. Hand-to-hand Swings – Light to medium kettlebell.

Perform 60 seconds of H-2-H Swings. Rest 2 minutes for “novice” and 1 minute for “advanced”. “Fast and Loose” drills during rest.

Perform for up to 21 minutes (8 / 16 rounds)

Tomorrow I’ll give you Workout 2.

In the meantime, give this one a shot today if you haven’t already trained. It’s much harder than it looks on paper.

Remember, kettlebell training can still be “basic” and yet very, very effective.

Speaking of basic but effective, here’s a complimentary way to eat all your favorite foods this holiday season and actually lose weight. You can eat turkey, pie, stuffing, pie, sweet potatoes, pie, mashed potatoes, pie, cranberry relish, pie – and hey, did I mention you can eat pie and still lose body fat?

No joke – I’ve actually done it.

Check it out here –

Eat Pie, Lose Fat

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I’ll reveal another “basic” killer kettlebell workout that will help you prepare for your Thanksgiving Day Feast.

Plus, I’ll show you the best times to do the workouts and how to plan them into your upcoming Holiday Feast week…

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