Killer Calorie Crushing Kettlebell Workouts – Part 2

“Basic” kettlebell workouts can burn a ton of calories if they’re designed correctly. They don’t have to be fancy, and in fact, I think we would all be best served, if once a year we returned to the “basics” just as a refresher. (Last December I did only the Program Minimum from ETK – one of the most productive training months I’d had in quite a few years…)

Anyway, Thanksgiving (for Americans) is a week from today.

We’re going to rendezvous with family and friends and stuff ourselves silly.

Mmmm… Can’t wait.

But the problem is we are undoubtedly going to consume way more calories than we’ve “earned” so this year, I thought I’d help you chow down guilt free.

Yesterday, I posted the first workout – here it is again in case you missed it –

Workout 1:

A. Get Up – moderate weight, stopping and holding each position for 3 seconds.

Perform for 10 minutes.

Perform 1 rep each side, then switch sides.

B. Hand-to-hand Swings – Light to medium kettlebell.

Perform 60 seconds of H-2-H Swings. Rest 2 minutes for “novice” and 1 minute for “advanced”. “Fast and Loose” drills during rest.

Perform for up to 21 minutes (8 / 16 rounds)

Looks pretty easy so far.

Here’s Workout 2 –

Workout 2:

Perform the following as a circuit –

A1. Pumps

A2. 2 Hand Swings

A3. Mountain Climbers

A4. 1 Hand Swing

A5. Squat Thrusts / Burpees*

A6. 1 Hand Swing

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds.

Perform up to 10 circuits.

*Burpees are a Squat Thrust with a jump on the end.

It looks pretty easy on paper, but please notice that there is only 30 seconds of rest after A6 – not a standard long rest like there is after sets of traditional circuits.

So as my good buddy, Master RKC Mark “Rif” Reifkind says, “Simple, not easy.”

Ok, cool – we’ve got two “basic” workouts that will burn a ton of calories. How do we structure them for maximum calorie-burning effect (and probably even drop a few pounds before Turkey Day)?

Here’s the plan –

Today – Workout 1

Friday – Workout 2

Saturday – Workout 1

Sunday – Off

Monday – Workout 2

Tuesday – Workout 1

Wednesday – Workout 2 / double session for the overachievers in the group – AM: Workout 2, PM: Workout 1

Thursday – Thanksgiving Day -Option 1 – Off, Option 2 – Workout 1 in the AM before the feasting starts

Friday – Leftover Day 1 – Option 1 – Off, Option 2 – Workout 2.

Saturday – Off

Sunday – Off

Yes, I know, I normally recommend days off between workouts, but this is an exception to the rule and exceptions can always be made if you know how to make them. So we’ll make on here. 🙂

Speaking of exceptions and knowing how to make them – you’ve got to check this out – it’s called “Cheat Your Way Thin.” And yes, I know – sounds kind of “hokey” – but it’s not. I know because I’ve used it successfully.

The gist of it is this – most people’s efforts to lose weight result in failure. (You may know this firsthand.)

This is for many reasons – the two main ones are psychological and hormonal.

It’s tough denying yourself your favorite foods while eating boring diet foods. Eventually, you break down and chow down never to return to your diet.

There’s a reason for that – your fat burning hormones are starting to shut off and your fat storing ones are starting to turn on. And that messes with your mind. So that explains both the psychological and the hormonal sides to fat loss failure.

This program combats both of those and teaches you how to eat all your favorite foods like pie, cake, pie, stuffing, pie, and all the stuff you’re going to eat this Thanksgiving and the ensuing weekend and strip off your unwanted body fat.

(Yes, I know – it sounds too good to be true. It’s not. Like I said, I’ve used it successfully and so have some of my clients.)

So here’s the deal – use your Killer Calorie Crushing Kettlebell Workouts and the “Cheat Your Way Thin” program this holiday season, and without a doubt you while the average American is gaining the average 8 pounds in the next 6 weeks, you could quite easily lose 8 pounds, maybe more. (And of course leave everyone jealous and amazed that you can eat all your favorite foods and still lose weight.)

Get you copy HERE.

By the way, two things you should know –

1. There’s 2  bonuses that you can only get today –

Bonus #1: The Strategic Holiday Cheat Calendar – A literal day-by-day blueprint for maximizing fat loss over the holidays, with each and every holiday already designated as a Cheat Day, so you don’t miss out on a single thing (except the holiday fat gain).

Bonus #2: The Cheat Your Way Thin Restaurant Guide – A complete guide to dining out to compliment the program and calendar, giving you hundreds of Cheat Your Way Thin “approved” recipes to enjoy while being social and dining out

2. And it’s half price until Midnight tonight.

Get Cheat Your Way Thin and the bonuses HERE.

(Disclaimer: By the way, if you’re using my Kettelbell Burn 2.0 program, I don’t recommend this program for you right now. You already have a very specific nutrition plan tailored to the demands of the program. Plus, remember the 90% rule for “diet deviation”…)

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  • Guy Spears Nov 18, 2010 @ 12:44

    Sir, what are pumps?

  • Steve Nov 18, 2010 @ 17:58

    Pumps are a stretching type exercise, starting in push up position feet slightly wider, keeping elbows locked, push hips to floor and forward towards hands. stretching posterior chain, then rotate hips to each side and push through again.
    Can then finish by keeping elbows locked, and pushing hips up and back whilst pushing chest to floor, streching chest and shoulders!

    • GEOFFN Nov 18, 2010 @ 22:29

      Exactly – think of yoga “up dog – down dog” with hip twist side-to-side…

  • kim Nov 19, 2010 @ 15:42

    Did workout #2 last night. (Missed reading the suggested schedule, whoops.) Good stuff! Simple but challenging and a good progression. Of course, you get out of it what you put into it.

    I am visiting family from Wednesday to Sunday so unfortunately I’ll be without my KB’s. Won’t get quite the burn but I guess I will do this type of body weight stuff. Burpees are no joke.

  • Gary Nov 19, 2010 @ 20:56

    What are “Fast & Loose” drills? Can someone inform me?

    • GEOFFN Nov 24, 2010 @ 16:32

      Hey Gary,

      “Fast and Loose” drills are found in Pavel’s dvd, “Fast and Loose.” Excellent and grossly underrated body of work, imo.

  • Russ Moon Nov 23, 2010 @ 14:20

    Perform 60 seconds of H-2-H Swings.
    Rest 2 minutes for “novice” and 1 minute for “advanced”.

    Label me survivor who did not quit, but whose definition of what light to moderate is has new meaning. The 32kg is “no joke” at least it wasn’t for me today.

  • Dustin Nov 24, 2010 @ 15:16

    Fast & Loose drills are those found in Pavel’s book, “Fast & Loose,” which is geared toward joint mobility. I personally don’t own the book yet, but I have a feeling it may end up in my stocking on Dec. 25th.

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