Revealed: The Fastest, Simplest Way To Strip Off 2 to 3 Pounds Of Unwanted Fat Each Week Using Nothing More Than A Pair Of Kettlebells

If you don’t have the time or energy for complex rapid fat loss systems, then keep reading and you’ll learn the secret methods I have been using for the last 18 years to strip off unwanted body fat by training 60 minutes or less each week.


From the Desk of Geoff Neupert, Master Kettlebell Instructor
Overlooking Pike's Peak, Colorado, USA


Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a question:

When you want to lose fat, do you want to do it slowly or quickly?

Quickly, of course, right?


And when most people think about losing fat quickly, they think about 4 to 5 pounds a week.


It’s not “pie-in-the-sky” wishful thinking. It can be done. And has been done by many. The problem is it’s complicated. I know, because I’ve used, even designed and sold rapid fat loss programs that are complicated.

That’s because the truth is getting your body to burn off excess stored body fat is a complicated process that requires many moving parts and a great attention to detail.

And that’s why most people – heck – 99% of all people – probably even you - will fail on this kind of rapid fat loss program. You just don’t have the time or the energy to commit to this kind of complication. Life is complicated enough as is, right?

Darn straight it is.

But all is not lost – and here’s why:

Truth be told, most people would “settle” for losing close to 2 to 3 pounds of body fat a week, which by is still considered by most as “rapid.”

Especially when I show you this very simple way to do it –

And especially when you discover that it will take you just around an hour – that’s right – ONE HOUR – a week to accomplish these results.

You only need use this -

Simple 4 Step Formula For Rapid Fat Loss

Here it is:


And here’s what it means:

IE = Intense Effort

One of the little known or often forgotten secrets for rapid fat loss is putting forth an intense effort.

That's one of the reasons sprinters are as lean as they are.

And there's an inverse relationship between effort levels and duration of exercise - or the length of your workouts. 

That's another reason sprinters are as lean as they are.

The amount of work they perform compared to the amount of time they rest is way more than you think. For example, when I was as college strength coach, one of the best sprint coaches in the world had his 100m sprinters run between 30 and 150 meters. (To put this in context, the other sprint coaches still had their 100m sprinters running miles at a time to build a base.) And they all rested up to 5 minutes between sprints. And they ran at a high intensity (percentage of their best time).

The problem is that it's hard to go from zero to intense in most exercises (like sprinting) without getting hurt.

Sure Swings will do this for some, but for many, if not most, the Swing just doesn't cover the ET or LA in this equation.

In fact, the harder you work, the more rest you’ll ultimately need. 

And the harder you work during your workout, the shorter your workout will be.


Simple. You will have expended so much energy, you won’t be able to maintain those high effort levels, and in trying to do so you’ll compromise your technique (due to fatigue) and open yourself up to injury.

Remember, we're not talking about fat loss here, but time-efficient rapid fat loss.

PMT = Prolonged Muscular Tension

One of the things most people don't know how to do is create or withstand tension let alone prolonged muscular tension.

What is "prolonged muscular tension"?

It is intense and episodic muscular contractions that challenge your body's energy systems and your mental toughness. Typically it’s muscular actions that last at a minimum of 60 seconds and sometimes even in excess of 2 and-a-half minutes.

It’s working safely in and against the presence of muscular fatigue, oxygen debt (heavy breathing), while maintaining proper alignment, positioning, and technique. 

Think of reps numbers 9 and 10 on a 10 rep max and then doing 8 or 9 reps of your 10RM’s repeatedly.

This prolonged muscular tension causes you to burn calories at an accelerated rate through increased muscular fatigue, heavy breathing and part 4 in the 4-step formula, which we'll cover in a minute, but first we need to cover the importance of...

EMC - Explosive Muscular Contractions

One of the most little known facts in the modern fitness industry is that explosive exercise - explosive muscular contractions, (which occurs in kettlebell exercises like the Swing and Snatch), is superior to traditional slow strength training for burning calories.

In 2007 study[1] researchers concluded, that the -

“Squat exercise using explosive contractions and moderate intensity induced a greater increase in the rate of energy expenditure than squats using slow contractions or high intensity in all subjects tested. Thus, by using explosive contractions and moderate exercise intensity, experienced recreational exercisers can increase their energy expenditure during and after resistance exercise, and this could enhance weight-loss adaptations.”

This of course is one of the reasons that kettlebell training - particularly the kettlebell ballistics (Swing, Clean, Snatch, Jerk) - work so well at burning off that unwanted body fat.

And this of course is yet another reason that sprinters are so lean - sprinting burns a lot more calories per unit of time than long slow distance running.

Explosive contractions and prolonged muscular tension, when combined together correctly, also do something quite amazing to speed up fat loss…

OHM = Optimized Hormonal Management

Many people mistakenly think that fat loss - even rapid fat loss - is simply a numbers game - Calories In v. Calories Out.

Not only is this just flat out wrong and outdated thinking but a gross failure to understand that fat loss is more complex than just counting calories.

This of course explains why people who go on traditional diets not only fail to keep any fat off that they lost, but they put more back on. They don’t understand the role and impact of their bodies’ hormones on their fat loss.

The good great news is through proper kettlebell training and strategic eating, you can optimize the ratio between your fat burning and fat storing hormones, tipping the balance in your favor toward your fat burning hormones. 

Here’s are two cases in point:

When you properly combine PMT and EC, one of the by-products is Lactic Acid. 

And the really cool thing about lactic acid accumulation is that when it is significantly elevated, your body releases Growth Hormone and Testosterone, both of which are powerful fat burning hormones

Furthermore, combining PMT and EC releases the stress hormones, adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, and cortisol, which tell your body to use sugar stores for fuel. And here’s the cool part - so pay attention here: Since sugar stores are depleted, the body will use it’s stored body fat to replenish sugar reserves and repair the body

Pretty neat, huh?

Applying The Formula

Kettlebells are great for burning fat period. But they become a rapid fat loss weapon when you apply the formula.

And the easiest way to do that is to use a diabolically clever form of program design called a Complex.

A complex is simply a series of exercises performed back to back with no rest using the same piece of equipment – in this case a pair of kettlebells – performing all the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

Here’s what it looks like:

5 swings, then 5 snatches, then 5 presses, then 5 front squats.

Rest and repeat.

Why This Formula Works For Rapid Fat Loss

First and foremost is because it’s simple.

You grab a pair of kettlebells and you do your complexes and you’re done.

It’s that simple.

There’s nothing complicated about it, despite the name.

Second, the demands on your body from these types of workouts are immense, both while you’re doing them, and more importantly for fat loss, after them.

These types of workouts cause incredibly large amounts of “metabolic disturbance” or EPOC – Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Your body’s need to burn more calories than normal while at rest.

One study, done by Scheunke, et al, discovered that these types of energetically demanding workouts make your body burn 20% more calories at rest for 38 hours after your workout. That’s almost two extra days of extra calorie burning!

Who wouldn’t want that?

And as we saw before, these complexes create lactic acid, which is then turned into lactate, and your body releases extra growth hormone in the presence of lactate which then in turn burns fat.

Nice little double-whammy there, huh?

Burning fat because your hormones are switched into “fat-burning mode” and because your metabolic rate is elevated for almost 2 days.

“Yes please, I’ll take more of that!”

The next question is: How do you make complexes work for you?

“Waviness Of Load” – The Real Secret Behind Making Complexes Work

It’s no secret that complexes work for fat loss. People have been writing about them for the past 10 years or so.

The real problem is the way the complexes are written is short-changing people’s results. Bold statement, but here’s how:

Most complexes are tacked on to traditional fat loss programs as a “do this also” type of thing. And it’s the same complex, done for the same sets and the same reps after each and every workout. (Ok, sometimes there might be different complexes after each workout, but the sets, reps, and rest periods never change.)

And here’s why that’s a problem for you if you’ve been doing them that way:

You’re not fully stimulating your body’s adaptive mechanism so you’re only getting half the results you could be.

Let me explain.

Most fat loss programs are written using old-fashioned linear periodization where progress is incremental.

But according to Soviet sports science research done by world weightlifting champ and USSR team coach, A. Vorobyev, sharp, seemingly random changes in load – either sets, weight, reps, or rest, many times all four – produce the fastest adaptations in the human body.

This is very simply known as “waviness of loads.”

And using this principle in your complexes is the difference between losing 1 to 2 pounds a week and 2 to 3 pounds a week.

Now you could spend your valuable time and energy trying to figure out how to do this on your own, or you could take advantage of my 18 years of professional experience using complexes with athletes and corporate types alike and grab yourself a copy of my new book –

More Kettlebell Muscle

More Kettlebell Muscle is your one-stop-shop for rapid fat loss.

It’s not just one program, but TWENTY (20) different kettlebell complex programs (NOT workouts – programs – all between 6 and 9 weeks long) designed to help you strip off fat as fast as humanly possible in as little time each week as possible – right around 60 minutes of workouts each week.

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll find inside:

But it gets even better.

Unlocking The Hidden Power Of "Chains"

You may or may not know what “Chains” are.

Chains are similar to complexes, only performed differently.

You still perform a sequence of exercises in a row, but you’ll do it one rep at a time before you repeat the sequence again.

Here’s what it looks like:

            (Swing + Snatch + Press + Front Squat) x5

So you’ll do those four exercises in a row 1 rep at a time. That is one rep. Then you’ll repeat that sequence another four times.

The difference between chains and complexes is this:

You can do more work with chains, and therefore burn even more calories than you can with complexes, because your muscles aren't getting as tired from doing all your reps in a row.

However, you absolutely want to use complexes as the base for your fat loss efforts though because they produce higher levels of lactate, and therefore a greater growth hormone release than chains.

For best results, alternate your programs between complexes and chains to take advantage of the different fat loss mechanisms they each bias. It’s not an “either / or” decision – it’s a “Both!” decision!

Here’s why I’m telling you about Chains:

Because each one of the More Kettlebell Muscle programs can (and should) be used as chains as well as complexes.

That means you no longer have only 20 programs inside MKM, but rather FORTY, (40) different powerful rapid fat loss programs at your fingertips!

That’s right – FORTY!

That’s 5 years of kettlebell programs laid out for you.

Imagine what you could look like with this kind of powerful fat loss programming laid out for you at your fingertips...

However, that's not all you'll be getting today.

When you grab your copy of More Kettlebell Muscle today, I'll also throw in -

3 Fat Loss "Accelerator" Bonuses!

The only thing better than fast results is even faster results!

And that's what you can expect when you grab these 3 "Accelerator" Bonuses today. 

Each are designed to be used as "bolt ons" to your More Kettlebell Muscle programs, or after you're done and you need a change of stimulus so you can keep burning fat and grow some lean muscle tissue to increase your metabolism and burn more fat at rest. 

BONUS 1: The MKM RFL Accelerator White Paper

What if you could apply some really easy tweaks to your MKM programs to accelerate your fat loss with minimal extra effort on your part? That's the "Accelerator." Based on hard science, these simple tweaks will increase your fat loss by up to a another pound a week.
($29.95 Value)

BONUS 2: The Rutgers Files

Here are 10 different barbell complexes I used with the Rutgers Wrestling team from 1997-2000 that helped lean them out while giving them unlimited energy and unstoppable power on the mat. Yours for the taking. ($19.95 Value)

BONUS 3The 24-Hour Diet

Stress and inflammation stop fat loss in its tracks. The 24-Hour Diet solves this problem. Inside you'll discover 3 very specific amino acids and how when added to your diet, combat that stress and inflammation

The implementation process is simple, easy, and enjoyable - almost like you're getting away with something. Use this daily for a "set it and forget it" fat loss diet. ($29.95 Value)

These bonuses easily have a real world value of at least $79.85.

However, they're yours Free Today when you grab your copy of More Kettlebell Muscle.   

How Much Does More Kettlebell Muscle Cost? 

I currently design training programs for a select group of clients. My rates for doing so start at $297 per month.

And remember, there are 5 years worth of professionally designed kettlebell programs inside More Kettlebell Muscle.

So, if I wrote out your workouts, month-by-month for the next five years, at $297 per month, how much would that cost you?

My math’s not that great but if we did this for just one year it would cost you $3,564.

However, let's be fair - 

More Kettlebell Muscle doesn’t offer the extreme level of customization that I provide my private online clients. So it wouldn’t be fair to charge you anywhere near that much.

But I think it’d be safe to say that a fair bet is that a professionally designed kettlebell program should cost you at least $37.50. (That’s how much my former Kettlebell 365 members paid each month for their programs.)

So over the course of a year a fair value for a year’s worth of More Kettlebell Muscle would be $450. And let’s not forget that you’re getting FIVE years of kettlebell programs inside More Kettlebell Muscle – again, I’ll let you do that math.

But you won’t pay anywhere near $450 for the 40 different professionally designed kettlebell programs inside More Kettlebell Muscle.

PLUS - you also get the 3 Fat Loss Accelerator Bonuses worth $79.85.

That's $529.85.

Don't worry though, More Kettlebell Muscle doesn't cost anywhere near that much.

Not even a third of that – which is $174.85.

In fact it isn’t $97.

Or even $77.

For an extremely limited time only you can grab your copy of More Kettlebell Muscle AND the 3 Fat Loss Accelerator Bonuses for a massively discounted one-time price of only:

$77 $47

Why so dirt cheap, especially when compared to my other programs?


I'm tired of seeing stand-alone garbage "kettlebell workouts" being hawked by "experts" looking to make a fast buck pass their way through my inbox.

Normally, I'd keep my mouth shut but this is my way of looking out for the "Average Joe and Jane" and shutting these hucksters down.

I figure when you get a taste of REAL, professionally designed, "hard core" kettlebell fat loss programs, you'll be hooked and together we'll put those clowns out of business. 

Everybody (but them) wins!

So grab your copy of the More Kettlebell Muscle Rapid Fat Loss Package today - just click the button below!


60 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

Look, you may or may not know me. However, your previous experience with my programs or a quick google search will tell you I deliver the goods. My programs get results when you do them. So take More Kettlebell Muscle out for a serious test-drive. Ride any one of these programs hard – and if you’re not thrilled with your results, I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. Buta word of warning – these programs are simple, not easy.

So these programs aren’t for tire-kickers and looky-loo’s. They’re only for serious people who don’t mind working hard for about an hour or so a week to get the kind of results they want. If that’s not you, and you’re looking for some kind of magic pill – then keep your money – I don’t want it – and don’t buy More Kettlebell Muscle – it’s not for you. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the bottom line is this: You can’t lose. You either get results or you get your money back. Period. (And of course, you keep the bonuses.)

Answers To Questions You May Have

Q: How is this different than Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!?

A: EXTREME! is ONE program - 4 weeks long, 6 days a week. It is a SHOCK cycle.

It's not designed to be sustainable.

And because it's a SHOCK cycle - people get shocking results - I think the best so far is 21 pounds in 29 days. BUT it takes A LOT of work and mental preparation.

There are A LOT of moving parts to the program.

More Kettlebell Muscle is EXACTLY the opposite.

(They don't call me "Captain Complex" for nuthin'!)

It's actually TWENTY (20) different programs based on complexes. (If you do them as chains you'll have FORTY different programs.). And by programs, that's EXACTLY what I mean - they're not "workouts" but entire programs.

There are 129 weeks of programs inside "MKM" and that's only if you do them as complexes. Double that if you use them as chains - so 258 weeks - That's 5 years of workouts! (More if you take every 13th week off.)

 Q: How much fat loss are you talking about when you say "rapid?" As much as EXTREME!?

A: 2-3 pounds of fat a week is what most people can generally expect with the MKM programs, depending on a variety of factors:

- How much fat you have to lose and how much you've already lost

- Your overall general conditioning

- Whether or not you choose to eat in a caloric deficit

- Your skill levels with the kettlebell

So, no, not as much as EXTREME! but the major difference is there is WAY less work and preparation with the MKM programs.

Q: Will your rapid fat loss programs inside More Kettlebell Muscle work for women as well as men?

A: Yup - equally so.

In fact, I use MKM methodology with several of my female clients. One dropped 8% body fat in 6 weeks, only training twice a week.

Q: Do I have to use a pair of kettlebells? What if I only have one? Or what if I don't have a matching pair?

A: The More Kettlebell Muscle programs are designed to be used with a pair of kettlebells. You could use one, but I wouldn't expect the results to be the same - just not enough work - not enough challenge to the system.

Sure, you'll still get some benefits - see some fat loss – but I wouldn't expect it to be as much.

And yup, you can use mis-matched pairs of KBs - just make sure to switch them around between sets.

And finally, you could always buy another one. They're not that expensive anymore and are readily available at most sporting goods stores.

Q: How does More Kettlebell Muscle differ from your book Kettlebell Muscle?

A: MKM is a compendium of complex programs – many designed for rapid fat loss, some for fat loss, some for hypertrophy.

The truth of the matter is though, if you undereat on any of the programs, you'll lose fat. They're just that demanding. KM is a book where I lay out the justification for using complexes, their benefits, and the science that validates their usage.

Plus, in KM, I flipped the complex training paradigm on its head - everyone at the time was talking about using complexes for fat loss.

Based on my extensive use of complexes at the time over the previous 12 years (I wrote KM in 2009), I knew that they were being sold short. So I designed a program that did the opposite -

Packed on muscle - lots of muscle - in a short period of time.

The average results were about one pound of muscle per week for 12 weeks while training for about one hour each week. Pretty good return on investment if you ask me.

So MKM takes us back to the fat loss model.

The majority of the programs are designed differently from the KM program - which was just one 12-week program - and they're designed to burn a maximum amount of calories per training session.

Also, there's no scientific rationale for fat loss in MKM because I already covered it in KM - they're just working programs.

Q: How does More Kettlebell Muscle differ from Kettlebell Express!?

A: While Express! is time efficient, it's designed to be used with one KB and has all different kinds of program models in there - circuits, supersets, complexes, etc.

MKM is strictly complexes. (And chains too.) And it's got a double KB focus. It's the most time-efficient way to train forextreme all-around fitness - with a focus on rapid fat loss.

If you're eating maintenance levels or underrating, the metabolic demands of the program are so great your body just can't help but shed the extra fat.

That's the biggest difference.

Q: When can I expect to receive More Kettlebell Muscle?

A: It'll be digital so you can download it instantly and start using it from Day 1. No waiting on USPS for package delivery.

Q: What happens if the More Kettlebell Muscle programs don’t work for me?

A: Simple. It’s ALL Free! If you just do the programs as I laid them out for you, and follow my easy to implement guidelines on eating for fat loss, and you don’t see the results you’re looking for, just contact me for a full and courteous refund. And you keep all the bonuses. You have a full 60 days to try out More Kettlebell Muscle – more than enough time to get through one of the programs and evaluate it for yourself. There is ZERO risk to you. Now it’s up to you to take action!

NOTE: More Kettlebell Muscle is a digital product. It will available for instant download immediately after purchase. NO physical items will be shipped.

DISCLAIMER: Due to recent statements from the Federal Trade Commission, I must disclose what “typical” results using these programs will be. Typically, most people will become really excited after reading this salesletter and will, despite me specifically telling them not to, will purchase this product thinking it’s some sort of magical pill. They will either never print out the programs and do them, or do one workout and think it’s “too har-d-d-d” (said in the best whiney voice ever) and abandon their attempts. So, the typical person will do nothing and “hope” for change. So they’re results will be zero. Your results, should you wish to “not be typical,” are completely dependent on your ability to actually do the work and follow through. Again, this is not a magic bullet. Unicorns do not exist. And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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