ATTENTION: For People Who Like Hard Kettlebell Workouts...

"Tough As Nails Kettlebell Workouts For Those Who Like Challenges Without 
Wasting Time..."

If you like challenging workouts to burn off stress, feel young, and keep your "edge," then keep reading and you’ll learn how these new, short kettlebell workouts will blast fat off your midsection, restore your strength, and even give you extra time with your family.

From the Desk of Geoff Neupert, Master Kettlebell Instructor

Overlooking Pike's Peak, Colorado, USA

Dear Friend,


Let me ask you a question:


Do you like "hardcore workouts?"


Ones that make you dig deep, go to your "happy place," and test your resolve?


Ones that are reminiscent of football, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, or maybe even boot camp?


If so, then this will be the most important letter you'll read all year.


Here's why:


This NEW Book Contains Some of The Toughest, Most Challenging Kettlebell
Workout Programs
Ever Designed...

Inside, you'll find 39 brutally hard kettlebell workout programs (each a minimum of 6 weeks long) and each -


  • Gives you that “great workout” feeling...  

    So you feel like you actually did something instead of wasting your time...

  • Alleviates stress by releasing endorphins - your brain’s “feel good” chemicals...

    So that you don't take out your frustration on your spouse, kids, or significant other...

  • Eliminates guesswork about your workouts... 

    Everything is carefully planned in advance - sets, reps, rest, exercises, and kettlebell size - all you have to do is show up and work...

  • Burns off fat - especially deadly visceral (stomach) fat through 3 mechanisms:

    (1) Burns calories during workouts, (2) keeps burning calories after workouts, (3) places your body in a near-permanent fat-burning state by “switching on” fat-burning hormones from workout programming, so that your pants start getting looser in the waist... ​

  • Builds muscle in all the “right” places... 

    So you look “athletic” again (or maybe for the first time), without looking like a bloated bodybuilder, gaining admiration and respect from your co-workers, your spouse, even yourself when you look in the mirror…

  • Boosts conditioning by challenging your heart and lungs...

    So that you improve your heart health, and reduce heart disease indicators and risk factors and not end up taking a fishing tackle box full of medication watching re-runs of "The Price Is Right" from a threadbare recliner in the corner of your living room...

  • Makes you feel young again through unique programming methods... 

    That coax your body into releasing more of your “youth hormones” - Growth Hormone, Testosterone, and IGF-1...

  • Strengthens your abs, hips, legs, shoulders, arms, and even grip... 

    Making you feel almost unstoppable, and giving you “all-day energy,” so you have plenty of attention left for your spouse and kids after the end of what was once a grueling work day…

  • Prepares you to dominate your grappling opponents...

    Making them question whether you’re on “less-than-legal” substances…

  • Enables you to be “looser” with your diet... 

    With some people even reporting they now enjoy carbs and pizza guilt free...



As good as that sounds, these programs are NOT for everybody.


So the question is -


Do you qualify to use them?


Keep reading to learn more...

Most People Don't Know
There Are 5 LEVELS of
Kettlebell Training

And because each successive level is more complex and therefore more challenging than the previous one…


… the higher you climb up the “pyramid” -


The better results you get, and...

The faster you get them.


Before I explain why that's true, here’s a quick rundown of the 5 levels -

LEVEL 1: Single Kettlebell Exercise - Swings (2 Hand & 1 Hand), Turkish Get Ups, Goblet Squats


Builds the foundation for all kettlebell training and Level 2 & 4 exercises. They yield powerful results by themselves, when programmed correctly. 


LEVEL 2: Single Kettlebell Exercise - Clean, Military Press, Snatch, Push Press, Jerk


Produces more demand on the body and therefore larger, stronger adaptation in muscles, strength, and conditioning.


LEVEL 3: Power, power-endurance, and strength-endurance training with LEVEL 1 & 2 exercises (the ability to maintain form in the face of fatigue)


Challenges your prowess with Level 1 & 2 exercises through more sophisticated programming. 


LEVEL 4: Double Kettlebell - Swing, Clean, Squat, Military Press, Snatch, Push Press, Jerk, and assistance exercises


Demands focus and produces exponential change in physical capability.


Exercises for high achievers who only insist on the best out of themselves. 


LEVEL 5: Power, power-endurance, and strength-endurance training with LEVEL 4 exercises (the ability to maintain form in the face of fatigue)


Level 5 programming develops and refines an “Iron Will,” along with high performance outputs, that make every day living and activities effortless.


Level 5 programming breeds confidence, so you feel like you can fight a grizzly bear your bare hands. 


And Level 5 programming makes your body start to look like it’s carved from granite, garnering extra attention from your wife, spouse/significant other, and even your co-workers.



Since most people don’t know the 5 levels exist, they also don’t know -

The 80/20 Rule of
Kettlebell Training

 Because if they did - 


They would “RUN,” and not walk their way to Level 5!


See, these 5 levels of kettlebell workouts are based on your kettlebell proficiency…


Your skill at using kettlebells and performing all the different exercises.


And that’s because -

Each New Level Yields Faster and
More Noticeable Results
Following the
80/20 Rule. 

Also known as the “Pareto Principle,” the 80/20 Rule states that -

80% of Your Outcomes or Outputs Are A Result of 20% of Your
Inputs or Causes

In the kettlebell world, extreme, head-turning results, come from a very select few exercises, implemented in specialized plans


And these are the 20% found in LEVEL 5 programming.


For example:


You’ll see faster gains in your conditioning, fat loss, and upper body muscularity when you learn how to perform and use the Snatch - a Level 2 exercise, over the Swing - a Level 1 exercise.


And that’s because the Snatch requires you to produce more force to put that kettlebell over your head… 


And that requires more strength to “catch” the weight in the backswing…


Both of which make you do more work, thus getting you results faster.


It’s just simple physics.


The same is true for Level 4.


The double kettlebell Clean + Press programmed correctly...


... Is like a succulent filet mignon when compared to the Level 1 Swing, which can be compared to the “Mystery Meat” you used to eat for elementary school lunch.

This of course, begs the question -

What Does LEVEL 5 Programming
Look Like?

LEVEL 5 programming is power, power-endurance, and strength-endurance training.


Medium loads, performed explosively, usually with longer duration sets, and specific rest periods.


There are several different programming formats, but the most challenging of them all is -


You may have heard of complexes or even used them before in your training.


However, it’s unlikely you’ve used any like these.


(Unless you have my book, Kettlebell Muscle, which is currently out of print).


And that’s because most kettlebell complexes - 


  • Use weights that are too light...

    Turning the complex into a sloppy-technique endurance-fest, which unnecessarily exposes you to a shoulder or lower back injury.

  • Use the incorrect rest periods...

    Resting too little, which makes force output, and therefore strength and muscle growth next to impossible.

  • Use the same complex over and over again with little if any variety (variable overload)...

    So you burn out quickly or get bored out of your mind.

So How Do LEVEL 5 Kettlebell Complexes Deliver Faster, More Explosive Results Than Any You've Tried Before?

Great question.


But before I answer that, you might be wondering why you should listen to me.


In case we haven't met, I'm Geoff Neupert. And I'm a former StrongFirst and RKC Master Kettlebell Instructor and have been training myself and others alll over the world with kettlebells since January 2002. (Yes, that's a long time.)


You could even say that I "wrote the book" on Kettlebell Complexes over a decade ago -

Which went on to become a cult classic, with people still routinely asking how they can get their hands on it.

And that's because my kettlebell complexes aren't designed like the common run-of-the-mill ones you see on social media or the rest of the internet.


Unlike other kettlebell complexes you might have seen or tried that make you repeat the same complex over and over again for the same sets and reps each workout...


My kettlebell complexes are different because they're based upon a training methodology which I call -  

"Cuban Programming"

Cuban Programming is the combination of Soviet Weightlifting Methodology and Sports Science and American Powerlifting Cycling, specially adapted to accommodate the Western Stress-Filled Lifestyle.


Let me explain.


As mentioned earlier, most complexes for the last 20+ years are simply the same workout repeated over and over again.


You do it in less time, or add more sets to the complex.


That’s the method of “overload” -


Or creating stress that creates the adaptation - the results you want.


Or at least it's supposed to.


Problem is -


In today’s society, stress levels are at an all-time high, so it’s very easy to burn out using that approach.


(Plus, it’s boring as hell.)

By contrast, Cuban Programming melds -


[1]  Time-tested strategies and weight-loading methodologies of the world champion Soviet Weightlifters...


With -


[2]  The cycling of the 1970s & 80s American Powerlifting...


And most importantly -


[3]  The common sense approach of regulating workouts based upon our modern, stressed-to-the-max, Covid-riddled world.


As a result -

  • You’ll never do the same workout twice in one week, so you won’t get bored.


  • Your workout length varies from session to session, allowing your body to recover faster, so you make faster progress.


  • You balance “Light” (but still hard) workouts with “Heavy” (and even harder) workouts to stimulate maximum change inside your body.


  • You work all the muscles in your body using “Big Lifts” to stimulate a maximum muscular and hormonal response, so you see rapid changes in the way you look and feel.

  • Your mind, will, and emotions are constantly challenged, so you feel like you got a great workout, while you continually challenge yourself without burning out, and you can make progress week after week after week.


  • You will work out (hard) for 10 to 30 minutes per day - 3X a week, so that you can still challenge yourself and “get a good workout” while still having the time and more importantly - ENERGY - left to spend with your kids and family…

How Come You've Never Heard Of Cuban Programming 



You weren’t trained by my weightlifting coach, Alfonso Duran.

Aflonso was on the Cuban Pre-Select Weightlifting Team and was trained in weightlifting methodology by Weightlifting World Champion and Soviet Weightlifting Team Coach, Alexey Medvedev.


A natural athlete, he also excelled at swimming, cycling, and boxing.


He also trained Track & Field athletes, and was given an honorary Master of Sport degree in exchange for his work on "Zone Loading" for sprinters, based upon what he learned from Coach Medvedev.


He was my mentor for close to a decade.


Alfonso taught me almost everything I know about power, strength, training athletes for sports, Olympic lifting, and most importantly why -

"Everyday Joe’s" Should NOT
Train Like Athletes…

… And blindly use training models meant for drug-using athletes in their late teens and early 20s, with no family, no bills, no bosses, and no responsibilities other than training.


And that’s because you and I -


Those of us who have bills to pay, 40-60 hour a week jobs, families, and obnoxious bosses…


Either burn out, get injured, or both when trying to blindly apply these training models, programs, and workouts. 


They must be adapted because our bodies are already stressed out


So we can’t handle the training loads and practices of these types of athletes.


They must be modified.


Alfonso experienced this firsthand because he was injected with steroids and told it was Penicillin when he was a lifter in Cuba.


His weightlifting training was his "job" and he picked up his "paycheck" at the end of the month at a local factory.


After he fled Cuba to the United States, as a political prisoner in 1980, he had to radically change his training methodology. 


In fact, he would later go on to squat 800 pounds, weighing 230lbs in his late 30s, wearing nothing but a belt and wraps, with a knee he busted falling off scaffolding working as a day laborer shortly after he arrived in the U.S.


I’ve been bugging Alfonso for the better part of the last 20 years to write a book with all his methodologies in it -


Like the one that put 90 pounds on my barbell squat in 6 weeks…


(He had a contract with Time Warner Books back in 2000, but that fell through.)


Unfortunately, Alfonso is now in his early 70s and struggling with some health problems, so the chances of him ever completing his book are pretty close to none.


Some of what Alfonso taught me -


What I call his Cuban Programming...


... Is contained in these “tough as nails” Kettlebell Complex Programs found inside -

Your "One-Stop-Shop" For Challenging Kettlebell Complexes
For Tough People.

It’s not just one program, but TWENTY (20) different kettlebell complex programs...

(NOT workouts – programs
– all between 6 and 9 weeks long)...


Each one designed to:


Challenge you mentally and physically... 


Burn off stress...

Blast dangerous fat from your midsection...


Restore your strength... 


... and give you extra time and energy back with your family, kids, and friends.

In right around 60 to 90 minutes of workouts each week - 


Depending on your current conditioning levels and how hard you like to push yourself.

Here's What Makes 
Kettlebell HARD! Complexes Different

If you've tried kettlebell complexes in the past and were less-than impressed... 

Here's a side-by-side comparison of Kettlebell HARD! complexes using Cuban Programming versus "Traditional" complexes.

Here's ALL You're Getting Inside
Kettlebell HARD!

  • Nutrition: The Nuts 'N Bolts - the simplest, easiest way to eat for fat loss. (The 7 Steps To Super Leanness)
  • The benefit of timed sets v. prescribed rep sets
  • Coaching Tips: Gleaned from almost 30 years of in-the-trenches coaching experience (You can't buy this stuff - it's virtually priceless.)

Here's a rundown of the programs inside Kettlebell HARD!:

  • The Shoulder Smoker - a 6 week sasquatch of a program designed to do exactly what it says...
  • The Olympic 3.0 - six weeks of snatches, presses, cleans, jerks, and front squats, all seamlessly woven into a tapestry of torment and guaranteed to make you strong and lean
  • The Basic - Another six week smoker done for time, centered around the basic double KB exercises. Don't let this one fool you - it's basic but brutal.
  • The Long Haul - One of my personal favorites. It's kind of like driving cross-country - you'll wonder if you're "there yet" but without the sore butt from sitting. (It'll come from all the ballistics instead - Ha!) The upside is that you won't wonder where your body fat went - you'll know you've been leaving along the way.
  • The Up and Over - A 9-week miracle of madness - this program is the first to specifically alternate challenges between your posterior chain and your anterior chain. Guaranteed to crush your abs on Day 3, but not your spirit!
  • Clean 'Em Up - Six weeks of fun focused on the most underrated of all double KB exercises - the Clean, which is what your technique will be when you're through with this program.
  • Ballistic Beatdown - This 6 week fat burner will strip off the most stubborn fat. The sheer amount of work you'll be doing will see to that.
  • The Wolf - Based around the concept of the "Legs feed the wolf," this beauty will challenge every last fiber of your being - both body and mind. Day 3 is as painful as it looks, but the outcome is a set of legs that won't quit, lungs that don't care, and of course, less body fat.
  • The "A & P" - Just like the old grocery store chain, only you won't go out of business, cause you've got all exits covered and you don't get out without paying. This lovely alternates between taxing your anterior and posterior chains, tying up any weakness and leaving it bound in the corner.
  • Lucky 13 - What's so lucky about this program? The introduction of a not-often used exercise in the KB world, but one that increases "metabolic stress" and EPOC. You'll feel lucky that you only have to do this exercise 2 out of the 3 days…
  • Oh Row You Don't 2.0 - Oh no! More rows! This doozie will pull the fat off you like paint thinner on a varnished piece of furniture. Day 2 is especially fun…
  • You Don't Know Squat 2.0 - Discover the joy of the squat just like the Hungarians did at the August 2009 RKC. Guaranteed to cement your technique and jack up your heart rate and your metabolic rate.
  • Sir Snatch-a-Lot - Do you love the double snatch? Well turn your love into a full-blown passionate romance with this 6 week program designed for what else but increasing lactic acid, jacking up your heart rate, and prolonging your EPOC…
  • The Upper Back Attack - Guys will love the way this will chisel off the chub and pack on the mass in all the right places. Perfect prep for pool parties…
  • The Universe - Can you ever do too many swings? And if so, could you ever do too many in a complex? You're about to find out as all roads lead to swings in this 6 week swing sensation.
  • Jerk Werk - As serious as a Bavarian auto engineer, this frauline will have you shouting "Nein!" faster than an Audi on the Autobahn. Lots of work on your Jerks. And everything else.
  • Herky Jerky - Similar to "Wooly Bully" by the Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, but without the cool beat. This little baby will have your heart pounding to the rhythm of a different drum - one that sounds like techno, not classic rock n' roll! 9 weeks later and it'll sound like smooth jazz...

But it gets even better.

Unlock The Hidden Power of "Chains!"

You may or may not know what “Chains” are.


Chains are similar to complexes, only performed differently.


You still perform a sequence of exercises in a row, but you’ll do it one rep at a time before you repeat the sequence again.


Here’s what it looks like:


(Swing + Snatch + Press + Front Squat) x5


So you’ll do those four exercises in a row 1 rep at a time. That is one rep. Then you’ll repeat that sequence another four times.

The difference between chains and complexes is this:

You can do more work with chains, and therefore burn even more calories than you can with complexes, because your muscles aren't getting as tired from doing all your reps in a row.

However, you absolutely want to use complexes as the base for your fat loss efforts though because they produce higher levels of lactate, and therefore a greater growth hormone release than chains.


For best results, alternate your programs between complexes and chains to take advantage of the different fat loss mechanisms they each bias.

It’s not an “either / or” decision – it’s a “Both!” decision!


Here’s why I’m telling you about Chains:


Because each one of the Kettlebell HARD! programs can (and should) be used as chains as well as complexes.

That means you no longer have only 20 programs inside Kettlebell HARD!but THIRTY-NINE (39) challenging programs at your fingertips!

That’s right – almost FORTY!


That’s almost 5 years of kettlebell programs laid out for you.


Imagine what you could look like with these kinds of challenging kettlebell workouts laid out for you at your fingertips...


You'd feel practically invincible (and probably look that way too)!


However, that's not all you'll be getting today...


But first, in case you're wondering if these programs will really work for you - 

Here's What Others Say About My Kettlebell Programs

"His programs are rock solid and pure gold."

"I'm loving your teachings and programs!! I can stick with them and easy to follow"

"... everything he comes out with is a guaranteed success!"

"... gained 5 pounds of pure lean mass plus feel strength gains. I liked it..."

"Cheers to cutting through all the BS out there. Thanks mate!"

"Can you really go wrong?"

"It's knowing what to allow individual variation for and what to specify that makes Geoff's program so successful for so many people."

"... but super pleased with my progress, because a month ago I couldn't get one 16 in the air, let alone two."

"... I am absolutely blown away by the results..."

"The programmes in that are still the best I ever used... stripped off fat like nothing..."

"MKM is well worth the buy."

"Yes More Kettlebell Muscle is great!"

"AMAZING stuff! More pain, conditioning, & fat loss to come! Thank you Brother!"

"Neupert's plans are logical, efficient, and comprehensive."

NOTE: More Kettlebell Muscle has been upgraded and is now Kettlebell HARD!.

As I mentioned before, here's what else you're getting today when you grab your copy of Kettlebell HARD!...

I'm Throwing In These
6 "Accelerator" Bonuses

Now I know that not everyone - maybe even you - has the ability to perform LEVEL 5 workouts, but still demand challenging kettlebell workouts.


That’s why I’m including the following bonuses, so that you don’t miss out, AND so that you have the “Pirate’s Treasure Map” to get to “X marks the spot” - the LEVEL 5 workouts.


These bonuses include LEVEL 1, 2 and 3 kettlebell programs that you can start using today.


Furthermore -


Since these LEVEL 5 Kettlebell HARD! workouts are so intense, I’m going to include other, less intense, yet still challenging LEVEL 5 and LEVEL 4 workouts for you.


And finally...


I'm including bonuses that will get you even faster results in strength, muscle, conditioning, and body fat reduction, regardless of which level you find yourself.

Kettlebell EXPRESS!

Challenging LEVEL 1, 2, & 3 Workout Programs

100 Different LEVEL 1, 2, & 3 Single Kettlebell Workout Programs at your fingertips. Why so many? Simple - not everyone starts at the same place or likes the same workout styles. In fact, many of my clients and customers get bored doing the same 1 to 2 exercise minimalist LEVEL 1 and 2 workout programs. Pick your level and climb the Pyramid.
(Value: $497)

The Rapid Fat Loss Accelerator
White Paper

What if you could apply some really easy tweaks to your Kettlebell HARD! programs to accelerate your fat loss with minimal extra effort on your part? That's the "Accelerator." Based on hard science, these simple tweaks will increase your fat loss by up to another pound a week.
(Value: $29.95)

The Rutgers Files

Here's something really tough10 different barbell complexes I used with the Rutgers Wrestling team from 1997-2000 that helped lean them out while giving them unlimited energy and unstoppable power on the mat. Yours for the taking. (Value: $19.95)

The 24 Hour Diet

Stress and inflammation stop fat loss and muscle growth in their tracks. The 24-Hour Diet solves this problem. Inside you'll discover 3 very specific amino acids and how when added to your diet, combat that stress and inflammation

The implementation process is simple, easy, and enjoyable - almost like you're getting away with something. Use this daily for a "set it and forget it" fat loss diet. 

(Value: $49)

The Barbell Bolt On

For the Super Hardcore: 5 Ways to mix barbell and kettlebells in the same workouts, PLUS -  3 "Cuban Programming" Plans to help you do so. NO guesswork.  

Just "Bolt On" the barbell workouts on top of your Kettlebell HARD! workouts and watch the "magic" happen. 

(Value: $97)

Hybrid Burn EXTREME!

3 Brand New LEVEL 4 Programs 

EXTREME Rapid Fat Loss programming mixing barbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight - for the really tough.  
Three different 4-week training plans - each 6-days a week, for when you want a real challenge mixing Barbell & Kettlebell, Kettlebell & Bodyweight, and Barbell, Kettlebell, & Bodyweight.  

Sandwich these EXTREME! programs between your Kettlebell HARD! programs for even faster gains in strength, conditioning, and leanness. A different kind of "tough" for sure. 

(Value: $297)

These bonuses easily have a real world value of at least $989.90.

However, they're yours FREE Today when you grab your copy of Kettlebell HARD!.   

How Much Does 
Kettlebell HARD!

I currently design training programs for a select group of clients. My rates for doing so start at $297 per month.


And remember, there are 5 years worth of professionally designed kettlebell programs inside Kettlebell HARD!.


So, if I wrote out your workouts, month-by-month for the next five years, at $297 per month, how much would that cost you?


My math’s not that great but if we did this for just one year it would cost you $3,564.


However, let's be fair -


Kettlebell HARD! doesn’t offer the extreme level of customization that I provide my private online clients.


So it wouldn’t be fair to charge you anywhere near that much.


But I think it’d be safe to say that a fair bet is that one professionally designed kettlebell program should cost you at least $37.50.


(That’s how much my former Kettlebell 365 members paid each month for their programs.)


So over the course of a year a fair value for a year’s worth of Kettlebell HARD! would be $450.


And let’s not forget that you’re getting FIVE years of kettlebell programs inside Kettlebell HARD! – again, I’ll let you do that math.


But you won’t pay anywhere near $450 for the 39 different professionally designed kettlebell programs inside Kettlebell HARD!.


PLUS - you also get the 6 Accelerator Bonuses valued at $989.90.


That's $1439.90.


Don't worry though, Kettlebell HARD! doesn't cost anywhere near that much.


Not even 10% of that – which is $143.90.


(For a point of reference, my 12-month training plan, Kettlebell W.O.D. currently retails for $147.)


In fact it isn’t even $97.


For an extremely limited time only -


You can grab your copy of Kettlebell HARD! AND the 6 Accelerator Bonuses for a massively 52% discounted one-time price of only:

$97 $47

Why so dirt cheap, especially when compared to my other programs?




I'm tired of seeing stand-alone garbage "kettlebell workouts" being hawked by "experts" looking to make a fast buck pass their way through my inbox.


Normally, I'd keep my mouth shut but this is my way of looking out for the "Average Joe and Jane" and shutting these hucksters down.


I figure when you get a taste of REAL, professionally designed, "hard core" challenging kettlebell programs, you'll be hooked and together we'll put those clowns out of business. 


Everybody (but them) wins!


So grab your copy of the Kettlebell HARD! "Tough As Nails" Package today - just click the button below!

"How Do I Know This Will Work For Me?"

There are tons of "shiny objects" and "hard core workouts" out there that make crazy promises.


So why should you trust me?


After all, chances are better than good we don't even know each other (yet).


The fact of the matter is, I've been around a longgggg time - using kettlebells and training others with them for almost 19 years -


Including even being the Education Manager for StrongFirst -

The world's leading kettlebell education company - from 2013-2014, before I resigned.


And I have a pretty decent reputation - even being called a "legend" by some.


The Truth is, I no longer have accurate records of all the customers I've helped since I started selling my kettlebell programs online back in 2009.


But I'd be willing to bet it's in the 10s of thousands.


In today's day and age, you have to deliver the goods, otherwise word travels fast and you're out of business. 


That's why whenever you buy my products, you're always covered by my -

You're Protected By My 60-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee

The fact of the matter is, my programs get results when you do them. So take Kettlebell HARD! out for a serious test-drive.


Ride any one of these programs hard – and if you’re not thrilled with your results – just send me a copy of your training journal showing me you actually did the work...


... And I’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund, no questions asked. 


But – a word of warning – these programs are simple, not easy. They're challenging and you may even question your manhood. 


They're that hard.

So these programs aren’t for tire-kickers and looky-loo’s.


They’re only for serious people who love to challenge themselves and don’t mind working hard for about 60 to 90 minutes a week to get the kind of results they want.


If that’s not you, and you’re looking for some kind of magic pill – then keep your money – I don’t want it – and don’t buy Kettlebell HARD! – it’s not for you.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, the bottom line is this:


You can’t lose. You either get results or you get your money back. Period. (And of course, you keep the bonuses.)

This Is A LIMITED TIME Offer - Here's Why:

This is a limited time offer that will expire on September 30th, at 1159pm.


Then the bonuses are disappearing and the price is going back up to $97.


And that's because I want there to be ZERO reason for you to not get Kettlebell HARD! Today and get the results you're looking for in the upcoming 4th quarter.


So grab your copy of Kettlebell HARD! and the 6 Accelerator Bonuses Today at the 52% Discounted Rate. Click the button below.

Here Are Answers To Questions You May Have

Q: How does Kettlebell HARD! differ from More Kettlebell Muscle or your book Kettlebell Muscle?


A: Kettlebell HARD! is a compendium of challenging kettlebell complex programs. It is updated-for-the-"Covid-era" version of More Kettlebell Muscle.


These programs can be used for rapid fat loss, some for fat loss, some for hypertrophy. 


The truth of the matter is though, if you undereat on any of the programs, you'll lose fat. 

They're just that demanding. KM is a book where I lay out the justification for using complexes, their benefits, and the science that validates their usage.


Plus, in KM, I flipped the complex training paradigm on its head - everyone at the time was talking about using complexes for fat loss.

Based on my extensive use of complexes at the time over the previous 12 years (I wrote KM in 2009), I knew that they were being sold short. So I designed a program that did the opposite -


Packed on muscle - lots of muscle - in a short period of time.


The average results were about one pound of muscle per week for 12 weeks while training for about one hour each week. Pretty good return on investment if you ask me.

Kettlebell HARD! programs can be used for fat loss or muscle-building and strength-getting, with a hefty dose of "extreme conditioning" thrown on top. 


The majority of the programs are designed differently from the KM program - which was just one 12-week program - and they're designed to burn a maximum amount of calories per training session.


Also, there's no scientific rationale for fat loss or muscle gain, in Kettlebell HARD!, because I already covered it in Kettlebell Muscle - they're just working programs.


Q: How long is each workout?


A: Each workout is 10 to 30 minutes long, depending on what the day calls for, and how long you rest between sets. 


Q: What size kettlebell do I need?


A: That depends on the program. The general rule of thumb is that you should base your weight selection off your weakest exercise. 


Whatever the reps are for the weakest exercise - use whatever size kettlebell you can double that with. For example: Double Snatch x 5 = A pair of kettlebells you can snatch 10 times.


Men will generally need between 2x16kg and 2x24kg, depending on their strength and conditioning levels.


(Women will generally need 2x8kg to 2x16kg.)


Q: Do I need to use 2 kettlebells for these programs, or just one?


A: These programs are designed for 2. You'll achieve more work in less time, which makes the program more mentally and physically challenging - and also contributes to it burning fat off your midsection and building/restoring your strength.


Q: Do the 2 kettlebells need to be the same size?


A: No, they don't. Just make sure you can do the hardest exercise for double the reps shown with your mixed pair.


Q: Is Kettlebell HARD! for both men and women?


A: Yes. It's for anyone who uses kettlebells and loves tough, challenging workout programs.


Q: How is this different from Kettlebell EXPRESS!


A: Kettlebell HARD! is all complexes (and chains). Kettlebell EXPRESS! has multiple types of programming included it in. Kettlebell Complexes (and Chains) are the "Alpha Predator of the Food Chain" - LEVEL 5 - when it comes to kettlebell workouts. 


Q: How long do I have to try this out?


A: If you're going to "try" this out, don't buy it. Keep your money and your disappointment.


These are challenging workouts that demand full commitment on your part. If you're willing to do the work, they'll change the way you look and feel.


If you're not willing to do the work, as I said, keep your money. If you do the work, and for some strange reason they don't work for you (they should - that's one of the great things about Cuban Programming - it works for everyone)...


... Then simply send me a copy of your training journal showing me you've done the work, but didn't see any results, within 60 days, and I'll happily refund your money.



Thanks for reading this letter. 


I hope you decide you're up for these "Tough As Nails" Kettlebell HARD! complexes.


Once you are, do me a favor and drop me an email after your first week letting me know how you feel.


Stay Strong,


Strength Coach, Kettlebell Expert

Geoff Neupert has been training people from all walks of life since 1993: From athletes, grandmothers, post-rehab, to military.


He’s been training his clients and himself with kettlebells since 2002 and has been called by some, a “Kettlebell OG.” He was a Master Instructor with two different kettlebell instructor certifications - the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) and StrongFirst. He was also the StrongFirst Education Manager from 2013-2014.


He has travelled the world teaching others how to become kettlebell instructors and has taught his own intermediate and advanced Kettlbell Burn, Kettlebell Muscle, and Kettlebell STRONG! kettlebell workshops.


He’s published books like Kettlebell Muscle, training courses like THE BIG 6 and Kettlebell STRONG!, and popular kettlebell workout programs like Kettlebell Burn, Kettlebell EXPRESS!, and Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!...
Geoff is the co-creator of Original Strength Systems, a movement restoration company called, which helps people restore and rebuild their ability to move like a kid again, and taught that system all over the world too.


Geoff is a former Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach at Rutgers University where he trained athletes from 26 different teams. He also is a former National Qualifier and State Champion in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.


He’s married to a beautiful woman and has two amazing kids.

NOTE: Kettlebell HARD! and the bonuses are digital files. They will be made available for immediate download upon purchase via email instructions. These instructions will be sent to the email with which you purchased the program and videos. 

DISCLAIMER: Due to recent statements from the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC), I must disclose what “typical” results using these programs will be. The results expressed in this letter are the results of one man, the results of others who have used the program, and my results as a professional coach, who's trained people for 28 years. You should not expect you will experience the exact same results, as we are all different people. Different people have different results. Just good common sense. Back to the FTC: Typically, the average person will become really excited after reading this letter and will purchase this product thinking it’s some sort of magical pill. They will either never print out the programs and do them, or do one workout and think it’s “too ha-a-a-r-r-r-d” (said in the best whiney voice ever) and abandon their attempts. So, the typical, average person will do nothing and “hope” for change. So their results will be zero. Your results, should you wish to “not be typical,” or "not be average," are completely dependent on your ability to actually do the work, as written in the programs - not your "interpretation" of the programs - and follow through. Again, this is not a magic bullet. Unicorns do not exist. And there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.








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