“The Up & Over” – Double Kettlebell Complex Fat Loss Workout

Here’s A Double Kettlebell Complex Fat Loss Workout That Will Challenge You Both Physically and Mentally.

This one is brutal on the posterior chain and upper back combining some advanced double kettlebell exercises: The double kettlebell swing, double kettlebell high pull, double kettlebell snatch, and the double kettlebell push press.

This will make you suck wind, jack up your heart rate, and generally make you hate life. Kind of. There are worse double kettlebell complexes. And they’re coming.

This double kettlebell complex fat loss workout is one of three days – the light day – inside a program called, “The Up & Over,” a double kettlebell snatch-based workout program. It’s designed primarily for fat loss but can be used to build muscle and improve your conditioning too.

Here are the workout details:

  • Double Kettlebell Swing x6
  • Double Kettlebell High Pull x6
  • Double Kettlebell Snatch x6
  • Double Kettlebell Push Press x6
  • Men: Use 16kg-24kg
  • Women: Use 8kg-16kg
  • 2 to 4 rounds
  • Rest: Beginner – As necessary; Advanced – W:R=1:2-3
  • *Work: Rest = 1:2 means time yourself performing this kettlebell complex. Then rest twice as long. Example: It takes you 1 minute to perform. Rest 2 minutes before doing another set.