Double Kettlebell Complex Workout – “Ballistic Beatdown” Light Day

Today’s Double Kettlebell Complex Workout: “Ballistic Beatdown” – Light Day. It’s great for general conditioning, fat loss, and building some muscle on the upper back, shoulders, and posterior chain.


Here are the details for today’s double kettlebell complex workout:

(Make sure you’re using a 15 rep max for your double high pull.)

  • Double Kettlebell High Pull x5-10
  • Double Kettlebell Snatch x5-10
  • Double Kettlebell Push Press x5-10
  • [+] Men: 16kg-24kg
  • [+] Women: 8kg-16kg
  • [+] Sets/Rounds: 2 to 4
  • [+] Rest: Beginner – As necessary; Advanced – W:R=1:2*
  • *Work: Rest = 1:2 means time yourself performing this double kettlebell complex. Then rest twice as long. Example: It takes you 1 minute to perform. Rest 2 minutes before doing another set.


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