Kettlebell Workouts that don’t trash you for work (and kids, and life)

Kettlebell Workouts that don’t trash you for work (and kids, and life)

Some guys/gals have more active day jobs than others:

Law Enforcement

First Responders (Firefighters, EMTs)


Contractors, and other trades

… To name but some.

These folks can’t afford to be trashed after “leg day.”

So most OSMs (Old School Methods) no longer work for them.

(Truth be told, many of the OSMs – not all – work best for those who get a little pharmaceutical help…)

But making the necessary mental shift away from the “Go Hard or Go Home” all or nothing mentality can be tough.

For example, I got this message from John over on my YouTube channel the other day:

Here are 3 “easy” strategies you can use if you find yourself in a similar situation.

(Or if you just don’t like being chronically sore, running out of energy, or missing out on memories with your family/kiddos due to exhaustion.)

[1]  Use the “Something Is Better Than Nothing” approach.

Pick one KB exercise, set a timer, do some reps.

Which exercise? And how long?

The one you’ll do with little to no emotional resistance.

And for whatever time you think you have. Even 5 minutes is better than nothing.

[2]  Use HFLV – High Frequency, Low Volume

Simply put, train daily, or near daily, but use an incredibly low volume of work.

You’re looking to “stack small wins” to create bigger wins in the long run – similar to the concept of Dollar Cost Averaging:

Small, daily deposits/investments that pay off over the long run.

[3]  Minimize fatigue as much as possible

Dr. Vladimir Zatsiorsky, Chief Biomechanist for all Soviet Union sports teams from 1980-88, and author of the book, The Science and Practice of Strength Training, states that to develop strength, one must –

Train as heavy as possible, as often as possible, as fresh as possible.

I call this the Universal Strength Maxim.

So, unlike the OSM method of “training to failure,” stop well short of failure and seek to do as much high-quality work as you can in whatever time you can. 

Give one or more of these strategies a shot today – this week even, and see if you don’t have more energy.

And if you want, you can do what John did – remove the experimentation and guesswork and grab a copy of Kettlebell W.O.D.:

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Who knows? 

Maybe you’ll feel like a champ at work too. (Maybe even at home!)

Stay Strong,


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