One of the driving factors of my life – one of the things that keeps me going strong and exercising is my family history.

Everyone has died early, and died “old.”

And I hate it.

I have watched my Dad suffer with self-inflicted health problems over the last 25 years and have resolutely determined to go 180 degrees in the opposite direction. He just turned 64 on Monday and does much better than he used to as far as exercise goes, but, as the old adage goes, “You reap what you sow.”

I was surprised when I received a UPS package in the mail on Wednesday. In it was 2 review copies of Andrea Du Cane’s new kettlebell dvd, “The Kettlebell Boomer.” Over the course of the last year, every time I saw Andrea and asked her how she was doing, she bubbled with excitement about her new project she was working on – a kettlebell program for “Boomers.”


Admittedly, I was excited for her, because it was a project she felt passionately about. But not me. I’m into getting strong, lean, and muscular and helping others do the same. Kettlebell MuscleKettlebell Burn, and all that…

Not until I opened the DVD and started watching it. (I have a TON of preview DVDs I have to get through, but a little voice told me to open this one NOW – Sorry guys…)

And then I understood what Andrea was so excited about.

This dvd, could quite possibly, in my ever-so-humble opinion, be the most important dvd made since Enter the Kettlebell. It really could be the proverbial “game-changer.”

Here’s why –

Like both my sister-in-law and my mother, I suspect that for many others, who watched the ETK dvd, Pavel’s rugged Russian manliness, and Soviet Special Forces sense of humor, was lost on them. And, without the gentle cajoling of family members such as myself and my wife, the dvd, and the kettlebell that came with it, most likely got shelved.

Andrea, has created a dvd that these people can identify with.

In “Kettlebell Boomer,” the first thing you see other than Andrea’s pleasant demeanor and infectious smile, is a group of four, average looking Boomers – two ladies, and two gents – April, aged 60, Richard, 58, Cole, 63, and Leslie, 65.

And then, it hits home – you get punched in the stomach, and your eyes tear up, because, quite frankly, you’re looking at a group of people who represent your parents. And then you realize – you realize why your parents probably haven’t listened to you about your “kettlebell obsession” – because you’re their kid, so what you say falls on deaf ears. They still remember changing your diapers, putting band-aids on your skinned knees, and sending you off to college.

But, here is a population who is representative of their peers, and without the “beach bodies” and “beach body marketing” and attitude – all committed to maintaining and improving their health so they can play with their grandkids and live full vibrant healthy lives doing whatever they love, not whither away in the rocking chair doing crosswords like my grandmother did.

And so, here is a kettlebell dvd which gently taps into a market oh-so in need of what it has to offer.

This is the perfect kettlebell dvd for my/your/our parents/loved ones over 50.

The dvd is broken down into essentially three sections –

  1. Prep
  2. Exercise Instruction
  3. Workouts

In the “Prep” section, Andrea shows them how to self-screen their hips and shoulders.

She then shows them some prep drills necessary to learn before starting the exercise program.

In the “Exercise Instruction” she then takes them through 7 different exercises and how to make various modifications – there are 4 different levels in of exerciser in this dvd – beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced – which is good, because I’m sure that both my parents will be in different sections, but can use the same workout program.

The “Workout” portion is actually 4 different sections – a Strength Workout, a Cardio Workout, a section on how to perform the Get Up and it’s importance, and then a section on Balance Training and it’s special importance to the Boomer Generation.

Like I mentioned earlier, I believe Andrea’s new dvd will be a game-changer for the Boomer Generation and the kettlebell market. It shows in a “hit-home” manner the truly transformative nature of the kettlebell and kettlebell training.

And I’d like to personally and publicly thank Andrea for making such an important dvd because with our current healthcare crisis, she might have single-handedly just saved the Boomers and more selfishly, she just provided me with a Christmas present for my parents.

I strongly encourage you to grab your copy of Andrea’s “Kettlebell Boomer” dvd HERE and give it to your loved ones as a present this Holiday Season. Remember, they may be listening to you or not, but actually seeing their peers doing what you’ve been pestering them to do may just be the tipping point to a 4th quarter of renewed health, vigor, and vitality.


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