Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing…

Yup, we’ve all heard it before…

Gotta keep your eye on the prize…

Keep your focus…

Keep on keepin’ on…

And so on.

With so much “fun” out there, it’s a wonder we get anything done. I’m not immune. Far from it. I waste too much time on the internet. I am constantly changing exercise programs with no real, definitive goal in mind. Sure, I have “goals,” but no real GOALS, it seems.

I was talking with Jeff O’Connor, SrRKC, last week about this very thing. The problem we both concluded is that I like, no wait – love – to lift heavy stuff, fast. The more I move away from that, the more unfocused and distracted I become.

That’s why I like “heavy” double kettlebell work – because it’s relatively heavy and fast.

You can get really strong from it and you can get really big from it. Not only that, you can get in really “good shape” from it, which, it seems, is the nebulous goal that many people who exercise these days.

Double kettlebells are more challenging than barbell or dumbbell work. To me, they feel pound-for-pound and rep-for-rep heavier than the aforementioned implements. Which I guess would explain why I can lift more with a barbell than a kettlebell.

But the really cool thing is that double kettlebell work is more forgiving on the body than barbell work. (More on that in the next post…)

But, no matter how much I love double kettlebell training, I always return to my first love – Olympic Weightlifting. It’s just part of me in some weird way. Just before I went to Hungary I finished a huge squat cycle with the primary emphasis of putting meat on my bones. It worked. My squat jumped up along with my bodyweight.

And the next time I touched the bar to snatch and clean, something weird happened: My strength on the lifts returned!

Funny how that happens! (Ok, that’s sarcasm – we all know that squatting is used as an assistance to push the O-lifts up…)

But here’s the thing, with it my desire for Olympic lifting once again returned. Why? Probably because I was just made to do it. Whether I compete again or not, it’s just something I love.

So since I love it so dang much, why not just structure all of my training, kettlebell, barbell, and otherwise around just making them better instead of dancing this insane dance?

The answer: I don’t know why I haven’t been.

So, what can I learn from all this incessant tail-chasing?

I’ve just got to do what I love doing. Fortunately, I’ve got a TON of insight and experience, plus other people’s wisdom to help me out.

So, I just have to keep the main thing, the main thing – and no matter what you want to accomplish, you do too.

Oh yeah, one of my good friends recommended this very helpful tool, system, really, to help us keep the main thing the main thing => simple-ology. It’s free and more importantly, it works.

More next time on double kettlebell training and why I like it so much.

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  • Franklin Sep 22, 2009 @ 19:16

    You certainly have me ear! I love kettlebell training but systematically integrating into my Olympic lifting has been difficult. So far its swings and TGU finishers once a week. Or it maybe its just these ole-bones .. in any event I will be on the lookout for your future posts relating the two .. thanks!

  • Russ Moon Sep 22, 2009 @ 19:21

    Nothing wrong with following your passion, you just might be the Olympic Lifting version of Donnie in terms of your kettlebell training vaulting your lifts upward.

  • Philippe Sep 22, 2009 @ 19:30

    Meat on the bones. Patience.
    One is my goal, the other the process. I was discussing with fellow RKCs the ETK pressing ladder protocol and how I plan on doing mostly that to get to RKC II in 16 months. Some big dudes, and with many more years, I mean miles commented that’s a lot of patience.
    Adding volume and load, as you said, for bulk is the key, which I sometimes on variety days, sometimes on work days, with assistance work to get some meat on… Is that good enough periodization?

  • Franz Snideman Sep 24, 2009 @ 16:45

    What, you like double KB drills? I didn’t know that.
    Just kidding! Great post Geoff! Say hi to Courtney!!!

  • GEOFFN Sep 24, 2009 @ 19:52

    Franklin – try some higher rep snatches (ok, 10 reps) as finishers with a nice pause at the top. Good for mobility, a little bit of extra muscle mass, and of course some conditioning.

    Russ – Me an Oly DT?! That’d be great, but I’m just not as gifted or focused as Donnie…

    Philippe – Patience is the key. But you can short-circuit that sometimes. Sometimes. I recommend RTK to pack on some mass. It’ll keep you pretty lean too and shouldn’t negatively affect your surfing either.

    Franz – yeah, surprise! I will…

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