How To Use Kettlebells To Manage Your Energy And Feel Great In Spite of The Holidays

So it’s already day 5 of December.

Thanksgiving has been and gone. Christmas and Hanukkah are upon us and the new year is just over 3 weeks away.

That means one of two things is going to happen in the next 3.5 weeks –

1. You’re going to slam your life into hyperdrive to get all the stuff done you haven’t finished this year or this quarter, or

2. You’re going to throttle back and coast til January 1st.

Either way is cool if it works for you but both of these approaches have one thing in common –

The need for Energy Management.

There’s just something about this time of year that makes it almost “easy” to slide out of our good habits and into bad ones – or at least not-necessarily-good ones.

Maybe it’s because we’re all tired and some of us are just plain old burnt out from a long year.

Regardless, there’s a really easy way to keep going these next 3 weeks and make sure you don’t wake up in 2012 fatter and weaker than you planned on. In fact, by adopting this “energy management” approach, there’s a very good chance you could end up stronger and leaner than you are right now, by only committing to what ends up being a few minutes a day to your workouts.

Here’s how this’ll work –

  1. Pick your favorite exercise – KB or otherwise
  2. Pick the most beneficial exercise for you – the one that provides your body with the biggest bang for the proverbial buck
  3. Carve out a whopping 10 minutes a day, 6 days per week, and alternate between the 2 exercises.
  4. Do this until the New Year when you can more effectively evaluate your goals, needs, wants, and desires.

Here’s how this might look –

  1. Favorite exercise – Double KB Clean + Press
  2. Most beneficial exercise – Chin Up
  3. M,W,F – Double KB Cl+Pr, T,Th,Sa – Chin Up

Now what about sets and reps and weight?

Don’t worry about it.


Just do what you feel like doing on that particular day. “Worry” about it when you get there. Just decide what you “feel” like doing and do it.

Want to just go light? Cool. Do it.

Want do heavy sets of singles? By all means go right ahead.

Want to do one long set and walk away? Sure thing.

The point here is to be able to manage your energy so you can redirect it to other things in the next 3.5 weeks and to not stress out about your workouts but also to not ditch them altogether so you end up paying for it in the New Year.

Want some more ideas or something done for you? No problem – check this out.

Now that’s one less thing to worry about this Holiday Season. Instead, you can concentrate on getting all your work done that you haven’t done or finding the “perfect” gift for that special someone.


I fall into category 1 – I’m going to be busy catching up on all the stuff that needs to get done before the end of the year. And then I’ll be spending the holidays with my in-laws. They haven’t seen Michael since May. It’ll be good to be with family.

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  • Russ Moon Dec 8, 2011 @ 15:57

    MRKC Neupert,

    Thank you as a reader for the time you have taken over the course of this year to share your knowledge and experience.

    The blog information and interaction has directly supported my practice improvement.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


    Happy Holidays to you and all your readers,


    • GEOFFN Dec 9, 2011 @ 0:07

      Thank you Russ. Merry Christmas to you too.

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