Why it matters.

The fact is, weak clean = weak body.

Here’s how you can make your double kettlebell clean more explosive, which means you’ll lift more weight.

More weight means you’ll have the potential to be stronger.

And you can apply this immediately.

(Please be patient – apparently the player is taking a little while to load – about 30s…)

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  1. Great video, as always. Thanks for all the great info, Geoff. It has helped me move into double bell work, something I was not doing before.

  2. Heyyy! How YOU doon?

    Thanks for the info Jeff. That was great! After your KB Burn, (I’m halfway through week 1), I want to start doing some double KB work. Something to look forward to in 2012!

  3. Geoff, thanks for your blog and posts, they are an invaluable resource, even for myself who is an experienced kettlebell lifter and trainer, that speaks volumes about the value and detail of the info you present here.

  4. Seems to me this would help any kb exercise that starts with a hike pass (i.e. swing, snatch etc) as well as the clean. Would that be right ?

  5. Hi Geoff, Just curious i definitely noticed this being effective, so i tried it with a single bell as well and it seemed to bring so much more stability and strength to this as well, just curious whether this is a good aid in packing the shoulder in general?

  6. Awesome post. That was succinct… and to the point. Except for the Guido part… haha. But definitely relevant. Your knowledge is awesome.

  7. Geoff: A remarkable video! Not only did the kettlebell tip work, but I have increased my lip reading by 60%! stay safe>Larry

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