How to lose 45 pounds (20.5kg) “in about 4 weeks” using kettlebell workouts (WHAAAATTTT???)

How to lose 45 pounds (20.5kg) “in about 4 weeks” using kettlebell workouts (WHAAAATTTT???)

Yeah, that’s not a typo.

45 pounds “in about 4 weeks.”

That was one of the results Laurence described when I asked him about how Kettlebell MAXIMORUM worked for him.

How’d he do that?

Here’s what he said in his email:

“I had a severe cough during the time due to bronchitis, which lasted about 4-weeks and killed my appetite, then couple that with intermittent fasting, I lost over 40-pounds (from 285 down to 240lbs) in about 4-weeks. “

So, let’s break that down:

[1]  He got sick

[2]  He lost his appetite as a result

[3]  He coupled that with intermittent fasting

Pretty simple, but NOT recommended. 

And that’s because:

[1]  You’d have to get and remain sick with bronchitis for about 4 weeks

[2]  Your results will  be “mixed”

Here’s what happened to Laurence:

“The mixed results is that during that time, my strength went down drastically…”

Which usually happens when you combine sickness + rapid weight loss.

Here’s why I’m sharing this with you:

I’ve had 3 different private clients in the last month tell me they want to “dial in their nutrition.”

Two wanted to do it specifically to lean out, the third to prevent Type 2 diabetes (and dump some body fat).

And I thought that since they were up for that, and I’ve seen some forum posts on the subject recently, and it’s the New Year, this may be on your mind too.

While it is true you can strip off body fat using “just” kettlebells, you have to know how to program them correctly – which most people don’t. 

Any old workout won’t do because you can actually do too much, which triggers a stress response from your body, which simultaneously creates that tired feeling and makes you hungry.

Extra tired and extra hungry are great ways to go nowhere or worse – gain some body fat. Both of which leave you frustrated and discouraged.

Learning from what Laurence did successfully, we want to:

[1]  Suppress hunger / appetite

[2]  Reduce total calories (can use Intermittent Fasting if you’d like)


[3] Do it without the negatives, like “drastically losing strength”

In order to do this, I recommend using a concept called “Supportive Nutrition.”

That’s eating in such a way which:

[1]  Provides enough fuel for your body to use

[2]  Provides the right nutrients for optimum functioning 

[3]  Keeps hunger in check / suppresses hunger

[4]  Coaxes your body to burn more fat than normal for fuel

[5]  Burn off stored carbs at the right time

Which is why inside Kettlebell MAXIMORUM, which Laurence used, I show you how to structure a Supportive Nutrition plan for you using ONE simple eating method you can start using today.

You’ll also find 4 different variations of that plan:

[1]  Build muscle

[2]  Recomposition

[3]  Fat loss

[4]  Rapid fat loss

Pick 2,3, or 4 if you want to strip off body fat.

Will you drop 45 pounds in around 4 weeks like Laurence? 

I highly doubt it.

Nor would you probably want to.

How much can you drop?

That’s really up to you and your:

[1]  Desire

[2]  Commitment

[3]  Consistency

[4]  Ability to follow directions

But folks strip off body fat without following any of the nutrition portion of the plan simply from the programming (assuming their goal was not to “bulk up.”)

If you need a simple “supportive nutrition” plan to follow so you can lean out, while getting stronger and more muscular, grab a copy of Kettlebell MAXIMORUM. I’ll leave a link for it in the description below.

👉 Kettlebell MAXIMORUM: 

Turn to page 45 to get started.

Hope this helps.

Stay Strong,


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