How To Double Kettlebell Clean And Push Press

How To Double Kettlebell Clean And Push Press

The Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press is a great alternative to the Double Kettlebell Clean and Jerk if shoulder and/or thoracic mobility is a problem for you. In fact, it might be even be a BETTER alternative due to the “half press” found after the leg drive during the arm lockout overhead.

Perform them for low to medium reps for power and strength development along with overall muscle growth. Or perform them with higher reps to turbo-charge your conditioning levels.

1. Start with the kettlebells in front of you.

2. Aggressively hike the kettlebells behind you underneath your hips.

3. Tuck your elbows into your sides and roll the kettlebells around your wrists up the front of your body.

4. Keep the kettlebells pulled close to the body.

5. Gently place them in the rack position. Keep the elbows glued to your ribs.

6. Keeping the torso vertical (perpendicular to the ground), dip your knees quickly and then straighten them.

7. At the instant they straighten, use the force generated from your legs to drive the kettlebells overhead locking out the elbows.

8. To lower them, either pull them back down to the rack or let them “freefall” absorbing or catching them by dipping your knees.

9. Straighten your knees and set up for another Clean.

10. Re-clean the kettlebells and perform steps 6 through 9 again for the Push Press.

11. Perform as many reps as you wish.

12. Place the kettlebells on the ground the same way you would the Double Kettlebell Swing.

For more details on performing the Double Kettlebell Clean and Push Press, go here.

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