How Michael lost 4.3lbs of fat AND GAINED 10.3lbs of lean tissue in only…

How Michael lost 4.3lbs of fat AND GAINED 10.3lbs of lean tissue in only…

A lot of folks shake their head in disbelief when I tell them what kind of results they can have using simple KB programs just a few times per week, with limited time.

They just don’t believe it’s possible.

Or at least not for them.

That’s why I love it when customers send me their results from using my programs.

Like this one, from Michael, age 58.

He sent over his latest DEXA scan (one of the best ways for measuring body composition).

His results?

Following ‘THE GIANT 3.0’ using one 24kg KB, he reported the following:

“Lost 4.3 lbs of fat and added 10.3 lbs of lean tissue in only 4 weeks.”

Sure, he’s gotten back what he lost due to being sick.


He’s gained even more.

Here are the numbers I pulled from his DEXA:

6/13/2023: Total BF % – 30.1%, Lean Tissue – 146.7 lbs

4/2/2024: Total BF% – 28.0%, Lean Tissue – 150.0 lbs

So, as you can see, even in the last 10 months, in spite of being sick…

He’s lost 2.1% body fat and…

Gained 3.3 pounds of lean tissue.

This is NOT “supposed” to happen when you get older.

(At least not without “help” from TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy.)

Most guys / gals think in terms of “maintenance” – keeping what they have and not losing it.

But Michael proved that you can still make progress, even in spite of being sick, regardless of your age.

In case you may be thinking Michael is an outlier and you’re doomed to getting fatter and weaker as you get older…

Here’s more proof from my YouTube channel: (check the video)

You can get better with age, WHEN you know how to program correctly.

HOW do you do that?

1- Keep your workouts / training session short – 20-30 minutes

2- Train 3x week, maybe 4

3- Use autoregulation (mostly)

4- Pick 1-5 exercises

5- Don’t train to failure 

And if you don’t feel like constructing your own training program?

Well use ‘THE GIANT’ like Michael did.

Or use Kettlebell MAXIMORUM like Jason did.

Stay Strong,


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