Here’s how Tony shaved 4 inches off his waist in a month using kettlebells (and you might too)…

Here’s how Tony shaved 4 inches off his waist in a month using kettlebells (and you might too)…

The #1 killer of men is heart disease.

And one of the #1 signs / symptoms is visceral fat. 

Fat that builds up in your stomach area.


It’s also responsible for Type 2 Diabetes.

Even Worse: 

Research has shown that stomach fat decreases Testosterone – the “male” hormone that’s responsible for building muscle, burning fat, and getting stronger.

In other words, making a man, a Man.

In fact, research has also shown that the more stomach fat you have, the more stomach fat you’ll keep getting through what I call the “AROMATASE CYCLE.” 

Here’s how it works:

Excess fat, especially stomach fat, blocks the release of testosterone (T), the male anabolic / muscle-building hormone.

Fat cells produce an enzyme called aromatase.

And aromatase takes your T and converts it into estrogen. 

(Yes, “Man Bewbs.”)

This results in the down regulation of GLUT4 – the insulin-responding glucose transporter protein found predominantly in muscle and fat cells.

And as a result, you end up with increased glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Glucose intolerance is abnormally and excessively high blood sugar.

And insulin resistance is the need for excess insulin release for cells and your liver to store carbohydrates.

Both are dangerous because they can lead to type 2 diabetes (and all the “fun” stuff that comes with it, including heart disease, ED, and even having your feet amputated).

So you end up with low T, high estrogen, and excess body fat, and most of the carbs you eat are stored as fat.

This becomes a vicious cycle from which many never escape.

Therefore, one of the smartest things you can do to “regain your manhood” is to AGGRESSIVELY take charge of your health, and get rid of that stomach fat – PRONTO.

But how?

There are two ways:

[1]  The LONGGGGG Way

This consists of trying to figure things out yourself. 

Hunting on forums for “advice.”

Downloading “free” workouts that may or may not work.

Using lots of “trial and error,” which for most, ends up being mostly “error.”

[2]  The SHORT Way 

This is using a PROVEN PLAN.

Here’s what Tony DeSercey reported about following a PROVEN PLAN:

The “Burn Protocol” Tony referenced?

Only what I consider to be the World’s #1 Kettlebell Fat Loss Program:

Kettlebell Burn 2.0.

Besides Tony’s review, there are approximately 63 pages of a Word Doc FILLED with reviews from others – all ages – who experienced rave results using this plan.

Why not see if you can match or better Tony’s results and add your name to the list of reviews?

Get started with Kettlebell Burn 2.0 today and see if you can strip 4 inches from your waist by the end of the summer.

Stay Strong,


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