Here’s how my client lost 10 pounds (4.5kg) last week (3 Things)

Here’s how my client lost 10 pounds (4.5kg) last week (3 Things)

And he’s not “morbidly obese” either.

I’m sharing this with you because if you’re like so many others, you’ve probably “tried to lose weight” only to fail in the past. 

Maybe repeatedly.

And let’s face it, repeated failures squash your hope…

Your belief that the possibility even exists.

And let’s also be honest here:

The reason most people fail is because most “diets” are either:

[a]  Overly complicated 

[b]  Overly restrictive 

Or – 

[c]  Both [a] and [b]

So what’d “Carl” do to drop from 245 pounds to 235 pounds last week?

(NOTE: “Carl” is not his real name. I changed it for his privacy.)

A few things of note.

First, though, Carl is like most of us:

He’s constantly navigating a “high stress lifestyle.”

For example, he has 3 kiddos under 12.

He’s a husband.

He’s also an elementary school principal.

That last part probably has made his lift the past 4 years more stressful than most, what with the C0V*D and its resulting fallout.

So, we did a few simple things that you can do starting today.

[1]  He proactively includes “Active Stress Relief Measures”

ASRMs are simple activities that reduce stress.

The simplest one Carl uses is “straw breathing.” 

This activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System which is responsible for “resting and digesting.”

This also reduces inflammation and as a result, can speed up fat loss.

[2]  He cut back on the beer.

Carl loves beer. 

Or at least he loved using it as stress reliever – cracking open a few cold ones each night after work. 

Now, he’s actively limiting his “beer time” to just once a week – on the weekends, when everyone socializes.

Beer increases your estrogen levels, which decreases testosterone production, which in turn increases stomach fat. (And “Man Bewbs.”)

The alcohol in beer is also metabolized in your liver as acetate, which is then burned for fuel / energy before carbohydrates or fat. 

This explains why heavy drinkers never seem to be able to lose weight, no matter how much they diet. 

Best part about cutting out the beer is that not only is this free, it actually saves you money.

[3]  He prioritized protein.

Carl made sure he ate protein at every meal. 

Protein is the building blocks for your muscle.

It also suppresses hunger and cravings.

Especially cravings for fat and carbs (like chips, candy, pretzels, and similar snacks).

Protein also increases your metabolism – the rate at which you burn calories each day.

And that’s because of what’s known as the Thermic Effect of Food.

Your body actually spends 30% more calories (energy) to digest protein when compared to carbs and fats.

We have Carl using a very simple and manageable, yet measurable “diet” which formed the backbone to dropping those 10 pounds last week.

It fits with his family’s schedule and isn’t overly complicated. 

He doesn’t even use measuring cups or measuring spoons. 

He uses the Nutrition Plan found inside Kettlebell MAXIMORUM

And he even gets to eat his favorite foods, which most diets forbid.

Honestly, I hate the term “diet” because it’s been so bastardized by the Weight Loss Industry.

I prefer the term “Supportive Nutrition,” because that’s exactly what we’re doing:

Using nutrient dense food to support your lifestyle, health, and training goals.

What was interesting was that Carl said he was actually shocked by how much weight he’d lost because:

[a]  He said he really didn’t “feel” like he had lost “that much”

[b]  He’s noticeably more muscular in the shoulders, upper back, upper chest, arms, quads and hips, but he didn’t “notice” the “fat loss”

I think the best part is, Carl said he was only hungry about one hour out of the entire week.

So I hope you decide to use these simple strategies that Carl has been using to lop off some extra pounds / kilos this upcoming week too.


Stay Strong,

P.S. If you want the full plan that Carl is using, along with a 3 or 4 day a week training program, you can find them both inside Kettlebell MAXIMORUM here.


And yes, it works great whether you’re over 40 or over 50. Look –

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